Any domain name for £5 @ LCN! + 25% Quidco

Any domain name for £5 @ LCN! + 25% Quidco

Found 27th Jan 2010
"To register any single year domain (or a 2 year .UK domain) all you need to do is add the promo code "domaindeal" when you are checking out.

This promotion will allow you to protect your brand by securing any unregistered extensions or misspellings of your current domain from cybersquatters for a fraction of the cost. Dont forget you get free web forwarding and free email forwarding on every domain name registered with so you can put your new domains to work for you straight away.

You can use the code as many times as you want until midnight on the 1st of February."

Promotional code: domaindeal

Don't forget quidco for an extra 25% off!


Anybody know if this is one of those companies who ask for a bomb load of money for the domain after the year is up?

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I've used them loads and it will only go up to normal price after the original subscription is up (1 year or 2 years for a .uk domain

You can just let it expire, you don't have to renew if you don't want to.

Just play the transfer game,easy to do . I did it and saved a bomb.
By the way last time i renewed some domains with this lot i got 25% cashback too :thumbsup:

I'm not sure this is much of a deal because I use a different web host and was offered this as a normal subscription offer.

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Added info about cashback. Cheers, I forgot about that

This is the best price by a long way when compared to most.
£3.75 a year after cashback, £4.30ish at GoDaddy.
Some want upto a tenner a year the thieves. Only pennies but sure adds up if your buying more than 30 at a time for 2 years or so

They are pretty decent on price, I have used them for 7 years (along with others). In that time I have found a word of warning for you. If you need to contact them by phone - of course this isn't particularly common but I have had to a number of times - expect a queue and definitely expect not to get to speak to a human for at least 45 minutes, it is absolutely horrendous. I have also had the worst of all CS experiences with them more than once - the 45 minute wait then you hear a human breath then the hang up.Nothing worse in life than that.

I would also advise (not specifically with LCN) to register your domains with one company and host with another wherever possible, keeping them together exposes all your eggs.

Not much of a saving on a really

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Yeah, all my problems (only had one) was sorted very quickly over email. Never used phone the contact them.

I use ProLinkHosting for my hosting.. it's mega cheaps! check it out. This deal and prolink go hand in hand very nicely.

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A saving is a saving... you probably wouldn't go out right to buy one when you didn't need one but it's good for anyone that needs to renew or needs a new domain.

Renewing would be a bit risky
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