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any pizza any size £9.99 delivered or £6.99 collect until sunday @ dominos
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any pizza any size £9.99 delivered or £6.99 collect until sunday @ dominos

Posted 9th Jan 2012
Dominos - Any Pizza - Any Size £9.99 delivered
good for a couple or small family
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Feelin' hot hot hot
Excellent! Nearly ordered a pizza last night. Glad I waited now.

They're also do any size for £6.99 collection.
£5.99 for a large with one topping until 4pm everyday or £7.99 for any size any pizza with a student id in bristol for me.
too gassy
does this include stuffed crust base ?

does this include stuffed crust base ?

no is extra £2.50 for stuffed crust, is only on deep pan and thin crust
The stockton branch are doing it for £5.99 collection £9.99 for delivery, so prices look to be store dependant

does this include stuffed crust base ?

You mean dominator base? No it doesnt, if you want Stuffed crust, Dominator base or Double Decadence base you need to add £1.99 to the price.

good for a couple or small family

I am not sharing!
usually i get a text message whern this deal comes on

finish at 9 tonight so may have to go up after work for late feast
Hot - will enjoy the Tandoori chicken today
Domino's pizzas are over-priced rubbish. Just my opinion of course
says £7.99 for collection?
does anyone pays £9.99 for small one with no toppings?

says £7.99 for collection?

£6.99 to collect for me. did you click on the deals tab and you should be able to select the carryout special
This is the only good deal they do. Wish it was on more often... it used to be all year round. Now delivery of a large pizza, early week is £12.99 round my way

A tenner is enough!
P.S - "good for a couple or small family"? X)
£5.99 Where i am.
rather just go to my local chicken nd chip shop & get 1 of those 7" £1.50 pizza's with 3 toppings.


Thank you.
Some of the frozen pizzas are really good these days, and much cheaper.
They're just all cold from sharing that McFlurry.

EDIT: The post I was responding to was deleted, so, I'd like to change my post to say, "Please don't clutter the thread up with pointless debates about how nice Dominos pizzas are, whether they're good value normally or if you can get better frozen ones".

Thank you!
Edited by: "daveypauly" 9th Jan 2012
Delivery: £9.99
Carryout Special: £10.99

Well, that's Lancaster for you...
i just tried to order a £6.99 pizza at my local dominos and they told me this is not a valid deal! :-(
always £4.99 for collection or £7.99 for delivery only at rayners lane dominos
link not working ?
Taste horrible. The when delivered arrive cold most of the time. The bigger much better tasting fresh made pizza from your local supermarket are a much better option at a third of the price.
Carryout £7.99 and Delivery £9.99 from Lansdowne Bournemouth, so I think the title needs changing.
price showing as 15.49 for large pizza.....??
£15.99 for me... wtf?
rubbish pizzas,
Fresh made 14 inch deli Counter meat feast 3.29 at Sainsburys. proper fresh ingredients taste much much nicer. what mug actually buy these they taste awful.
Have to click Deals when you go to order. Prices seem to vary by store so what you see is what you get. this particular deal says "MEGA DEAL" on the icon next to it. Delivery only in N.Ireland it seems, other stores i checked show "Carryout Special:" for collection orders.

its always areas specific

theya re always £6.99 near me on this offer


Carryout £7.99 and Delivery £9.99 from Lansdowne Bournemouth, so I think t … Carryout £7.99 and Delivery £9.99 from Lansdowne Bournemouth, so I think the title needs changing.

The deals in the dominos local to me are always different from each store.

Asda create your own pizza is awesome and a lot cheaper.
you have to click on the deals section... not going to order though.. must resist.. calories galore!

hot tho
Indeed. Bought a dominos a couple of weeks back,
and it was cold and tasteless.

Even the co-op 2 for 3.50 frozen pizzas are better
I just picked a large classic pizza from my local store(Newport) for only £5.99. Bargain
Load of crap, last time a deal like this was on hotdeals i went to my local dominos (lichfield ) and said we donto do that deal here. its store specific .
large texas bbq pizza and a cheese garlic bread pizza for £9.98 is hot!
£9.99 for me. Clearly a store specific deal. The buy one get one free offer for any size pizza is better.
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