This deal expires on 31 December at 23:59
Posted 6 September 2022

Any sized Barista drink - Coffee - Hot Chocolate - Teas - Iced Tea - Fruit Booster = £1 via Three+ Rewards @ Caffe Nero

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About this deal

New Caffe Nero offer via Three Rewards. £1 weekly drink offer, you can get a hot or cold barista made drink, any syrup, any milk, any extras. Products covered by the offer are any size:

  • Coffee (Latte, Capuccino, Americano, Flat White, Expresso, Cortado, Iced Latte, Iced Capuccino, Mocha, iced Flat White, Iced Pistachio latte, Frappe Creme (including any seasonal varieties and all type of milk, syrups)
  • Hot chocolate
  • Teas, Iced teas and fruit boosters

Confirmed that you can claim a stamp in the Caffe Nero app with this offer. Credit @sjs31

Conditions: One code per customer per week. Valid on any size barista made drinks. Not available for delivery or click and collect. Terms apply

Terms: One single-use code per Three+ member per week. If not used before, code will expire at 23.59 on the Sunday after it was issued. New codes available each week. 18+, UK only. Code gives access to any sized Barista prepared drink for £1, in store only, subject to availability. Redeem any day. Products covered by offer are any size: Coffee (Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Flat White, Espresso, Cortado, Iced Latte, Iced Cappuccino, Mocha, Iced Flat White, Iced Pistachio Latte, Frappe Crème (including any seasonal varieties + all types of milk, syrups)), Hot Chocolate, Teas, Iced Teas and Fruit Boosters. No other products included. Not available for click and collect or delivery. Show code to Barista in app at checkout to redeem offer. Offer cannot be exchanged, refunded, transferred or resold and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise agreed in advance by Caffè Nero. No cash alternative. Offer may be varied or not available for periods when Caffè Nero is promoting its own offers sitewide or if there is an alternative offer.


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  1. Avatar
    anyone willing to exchange cineworld £3 code for Nero code. I am happy to share Nero code but need cineworld code. I will also appreciate if anyone has spare cineworld code.
    I'll give you a Cineworld code, no obligation to send me a cafe Nero 🙃

    Pmd you (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Can we claim a free stamp still?
    Yes, it works - I got a stamp in the Nero app. today with my £1 Three drink. . The staff weren't sure if it'd work but it did..
    Great for me as I was only 1 stamp short of a full in-app free drink voucher!!
  3. Avatar
    Can you use a free app 3 sim to register ?
    Yes, you can get a free SIM and get three+ rewards. While I registered the sim. I haven't topped up as it was only a temporary number used to port with. But I have the three+ rewards app and the offers work fine. Sadly, you do need to top up £10 or more to access the Vodafone veryme rewards offers. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    So this is the real reason they stopped giving free drinks on o2
  5. Avatar
    OP, it's worth mentioning that you can claim a stamp in the Caffe Nero app with this offer!

    It worked for me today, but remember to scan the Nero app first before scanning the Three app drinks code.

    (Heat already given)
    yes will add in, thanks
  6. Avatar
    Thanks for that. I've got an old payg sim in a spare phone and have downloaded the app. I now have a code ready to use
    Me too!
    Tried the same with an old spare SIM. Downloaded the App after u mentioned it. Thanks
  7. Avatar
    You get a £1 smoothie booster included. Game changer!
  8. Avatar
    I still need one cineworld code if anyone has spare or want to exchange for any other three+ code
    I've just sent you one via messages.
  9. Avatar
    I'll have a few codes to give away this week if you can scan my loyalty card

    Send me a DM please, but only ask if you can definitely use as a few codes went to waste last week. (edited)
    Ill take one if thats ok?
  10. Avatar
    Can I scan the voucher if someone can share? Thanks 
    Check your DMs
  11. Avatar
    Hi could I have please
  12. Avatar
    Got this at my local today, they can be a bit hard work, they advised stamps not given now for "free drinks" despite it not being free, anyway so I'd scanned my card anyway first, I said to them it will work . 6 hours later the stamp still hasn't appeared and normally does instantly. So maybe it has ended? Anyone shed any light?
    I just tested today, I got a stamp just fine.

    The way I do it is make my request, say I've code a code. Scan the Three code, then I ask if I can also get stamps

    They need to press different options on the register to accept the codes, it's not clever enough to understand just by scanning the relevant QR code
  13. Avatar
    Finally, a deal worth using Thank for the heads up (edited)
    That's a first
  14. Avatar
    Finally, first time it's been worth opening the 3+ app in forever. (edited)
  15. Avatar
    thanks OP, just what the old priority Nero devotees needed for autumn!
  16. Avatar
    Absolutely a rip off £1 when o2 offer free drink
    O2 stopped the drinks offer awhile ago.
  17. Avatar
    Happy to send you a code if you can stamp my Nero stamp card with your purchase, please DM me thank you (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Can this be combined with the O2 priority code/ offer to get it for free?
    They don't do the 02 one anymore.
  19. Avatar
    Took screenshot last night and just used it now, no issues also got a stamp too! Thanks OP
  20. Avatar
    Let the code begging / trading commence.
  21. Avatar
    Remember when these rewards offers used to be get a free drink....
    I wonder if you get free stamp still get free coffee after £9 spend
  22. Avatar
    Still a cheap coffee. Mum is on Three so I can pinch her code

    Thanks OP!
  23. Avatar
    @Chanchi32 - Came here to post this deal but glad you’ve beaten me to it!

  24. Avatar
    Three stepping up their rewards game. £1 for a large coffee + any syrups any extras. Not forgetting, free cineworld drink and ticket for £3. Sponsoring Chelsea FC. Marketing team doing a good job
    Who FC?
  25. Avatar
    Do you have to be a pay monthly customer to qualify for this offer? Would a PAYG SIM with a £10 top up work?
    I think if you top up £10 on payg you can still use the offer. You need to make/receieve a call every 6 months.
  26. Avatar
    Got a £5 nero gift card I'm looking to trade if anyone is interested? Give me a dm. Thanks 😁
  27. Avatar
    I've got a code if someone doesnt mind collecting my stamp? Cheers
    Yeah, I’ll do that
  28. Avatar
    All o2 customers need to move to 3 now haha
  29. Avatar
    Happy to send codes if someone is happy to collect my ‘stamps please
    I’ll do that
  30. Avatar
    I'll have to install the app but I should have a code or two to share if anyone will scan my loyalty card?
  31. Avatar
    Happy to stamp anyones card here
  32. Avatar
    Happy to redeem anyone's code if they send it with a quid
  33. Avatar
    Anyone know if you can pay the £1 with Caffè Nero gift card?
    as amazon currently selling Caffè Nero gift cards 15% off so making this 85p.
    Seems like a right hassle to save £0.15
  34. Avatar
    Have a code that I would be happy to trade in return for a stamp? Pm me if interested

    edit: gone (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Happy to give my code in return for a stamp this week. Pop me a message, thanks
    I’ll happily do this
  36. Avatar
    Anyone got spare code and i will stamp card. Thanks
  37. Avatar
    Hi if anyone has a spare code could you dm please? Many thanks.. Probably going into town within hour so likely to make use of it 😁
  38. Avatar
    Codes available again this week if you'll stamp my loyalty. Send me a DM, but again only if you'll definitely use.
  39. Avatar
    Anyone want£3 coinema code?
  40. Avatar
    Looking for a long term partner that can reliably stamp my stampcard in exchange for my Nero code thank you
    🫡 ..... Sir!
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