Any Two 9" pizzas for £3.30 from margo pizza

Any Two 9" pizzas for £3.30 from margo pizza

Found 31st Jul 2010
Ok, this is a bit of a strange one and possibly a misprice.

The deal is any two 9" pizzas for £3.30. To find it go to just eat and find the margo menu, then go to special offers and select menu item number 80. The double pizza 1 deal. You then select the 2 pizzas and order.

I say it may be a misprice because number 81. Is for 2 x 12" pizzas and this is £15... Also there is a 3 x 9" pizza deal, also £15..

There is also a £0.40 card charge and possible delivery charges but still IMO a great offer.
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lol thats a mouthful!!
link goes to
did you even read the post??
i've just ordered it online. was crazily confusing.

Ordered for collection - paid £3.70 by card.
Order took about 5 minutes to confirm, then gt a call from just eat confirming I was collecting not getting it delivered. then on the order confirmation receipt it says unit price £33, total price £3.70.
Have checked bank account and only £3.70 has gone out.
Will keep you updated!
Google tells me its in Braintree, are there any other branches?
Isn't this just oen of those things where a small business is going to get screwed over by rabid internet loons?
Haha, good point.

I don't think so actually
what a crappy website!
yes i did read the post but you dont exactly highlight the fact that its a website! i have never heard of it thats why i asked!
Yeah... I'm confused. I go to the link; select the UK, enter the postcode, but there is no margo menu for me?
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