Any Wii game £9.99 when you trade in one of the following
Any Wii game £9.99 when you trade in one of the following

Any Wii game £9.99 when you trade in one of the following

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Hi, just went to my local blockbuster and noticed this. I know the deal has been posted about the 360 games but I couldn't find anything about the Wii deal.

Basically ANY Wii game (including resi 4) is £9.99 when you trade in:

Bust a Move
Cooking Mama
Legend of the Dragon
Mario Strikers
Mercury Meltdown
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Pangya! Golf with Style
Pirates 3
Spiderman 3

Scarface for the Wii is out on friday which is meant to be a cracker, Legend of the Dragon can be had online at powerplay for £15.49 making it around £25.

Hope this is useful to someone


PPD are v slow with delivery for LoD. It is a really terrible game too, so might go offload my copy for Mario Strikers. Thanks for the heads up.

I'd only really recommend this if anyone already owns those games and decides to trade it in, as there isn't much point in all the hassle of ordering from PPD's slow service and then running to Blockbuster to trade it in to save a couple £'s.

Also, although it's one of the best games on the Wii, there's no point getting Resident Evil 4 as part of the trade, as you can buy it from Shopto for £22.99.

Hmm. Thanks for the info, might well try that.

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Cheers for the info about PPD, I'll probably stay away from them for now then.

Only mentioned Resi 4 cos thats the only reason I went into the shop as I was looking to buy it Still good if you want a new wii game and own one on the list tho!

Is heatseeker in the list does anyone know? I might get rid of that for Mario Party 8 or something.


This deal wasn't on in my local blockbusters - but I did manage to offload LoD for £24 credit so I'm happy.

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Wasnt on the list at my blockbuster Emera1d

There were stickers all over the Wii chart about the offer, went to the counter and asked about it and the woman gave me a bit of printed paper with the list of titles u can trade.

Prolly worth asking if theres no signs up

*EDIT - LOL £24 credit, nice!

Cheers Sandman
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