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Posted 18 May 2023

AnySharp Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip, Silver, One Size - £6 @ Amazon

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AnySharp Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip, Silver, One Size - £6 @ Amazon


Save your old knives
Whether you’re slicing meat, dicing vegetables, or carving the Sunday Roast, a sharp blade makes cutting effortless. AnySharp restores a super sharp cutting edge to blunt knife blades that have dulled with use.

Works with all your knives
Hardened steel The AnySharp uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. AnySharp works on virtually any knife, including expensive hardened steel knives.

Serrated knives
AnySharp even works with serrated blades* (like bread knives and hunting knives), making it unlike any knife sharpener, steel or sharpening stone you’ve ever used.

*Not very fine toothed serrated knives.

No skill required
The optimum angle to sharpen a good quality steel knife is 20 degrees. AnySharp is pre-set at 20 degrees to give an optimum edge every time. Getting a consistent angle with a sharpening stone is a skilled job, but AnySharp allows anyone to get professional results without any training at all.

AnySharp is Safer by Design
Hands free safety The AnySharp’s safety feature is its PowerGrip suction cup base, which attaches securely to any smooth surface or worktop without the need for any tools. Once it’s attached you can sharpen any knife safely hands free.

Knife edge safety
When your whole knife has been run through, your knife edge may touch as it exits the sharpening tools. The AnySharp has a long-lasting polymer guiding top that is softer than metal, and therefore won’t damage the metal edge, making it safe for your knives too.

Easy, light strokes
With a totally blunt knife, AnySharp will hone it to an optimal angle, and remove excess metal rapidly the first time you use it. AnySharp does not work well with heavy strokes or too much pressure.

Please use only light pressure.

Store it easily and conveniently out of the way
Since it is so small and light, AnySharp can be easily tidied away in a drawer, cupboard, or tool box when not needed. AnySharp is small enough to store in your kitchen drawer. You could even PowerGrip it to your fridge or tiled kitchen wall, out of the way yet handy when you need it.


  • Sharpens any knife with diamond precision
  • Sharpens hardened knives (e.g. Global, Sabatier)
  • Even sharpens serrated knives (e.g. bread knives, hunting knives)
  • Very safe one handed use, PowerGrip suction attaches securely to any flat surface
  • Dimensions: 60mm diameter and 60mm high
  • 2 Years Warranty

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  1. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Ex-Chef here.

    If your knife is just a little dull, please don't use these...
    If you haven't got the patience for a whetstone just use a steel, a few swipes and it'll be razor sharp.
    I mean literally, I sometimes test my knives by shaving the hair off my forearm while dry...

    I have one of these, it'll last years so it may be more expensive but you'll never need to buy another -

    Only use these AnySharp things if a knife has barely any edge at all, then once it has an edge use a steel to hone it when it starts to dull. I can't see this being used more than once in the lifetime of a kitchen knife.
    Even then, you have a chance of damaging/taking chunks out of the blade if you're not careful (as someone posted with pics above).
    I'd use whetstones to bring a blunt knife back to life instead of this thing but not everyone is confident using them.

    I tried one of these things years ago just to see what all the fuss was about. After the first use it went straight back to Amazon. Takes off far too much metal so should not be used frequently, it at all.

    If you can't get the hang of a steel, try something like this instead -
    amazon.co.uk/Pro…-17 (edited)
  2. TerryT's avatar
    I was going to buy but the comments about it eating knives made me change my mind! What’s the normal solution? A sharpening block? Any recommendations since we are all here ?
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    For the casual home cook a steel is all you need. If a knife is VERY dull/blunt then whetstones might be needed.
    A normal hardened/carbon steel 'steel', no need for a Diamond coated one.
    Here's an example, but there are cheaper ones that are perfectly good -

    Personally I use this one -

    I haven't touched my whetstone for years (I was a Chef for a while).
    A few swipes on a steel before and after use is all you need to keep a knife in tip-top shape.

    I wouldn't put my knives anywhere near that AnySharp (though I did test one years ago just to see what it did, on a junk knive of course).
    Even if they don't take big chunks out of the blade, they take off far too much metal.
    As well as that, you're likely to change the shape of the blade with frequent use.

    The other option is a ceramic/diamond combo sharpener, like this -

    It also has Tungsten blades that do the same thing as this AnySharp that I wouldn't use, there are lots of similar ones so you can look around for one with good reviews.

    This one has decent reviews -

    I'd still recommend a steel though rather than the above. (edited)
  3. Bigfootpete's avatar
    I have one of these and I hate it, it damages the knives, a better option is a Amtech one, a lot smaller too:
  4. C0mbat's avatar
    I've tried these and the more expensive Global three stage sharpener and found them rubbish. A whetstone is far better and doesn't take that much skill to learn how to hold the knife at the correct angle.
    MartyG123's avatar
    TBF it's not trying to replicate a whetstone either.

    Leave it in the same drawer as your knives. Take it out, slap it on the worktop, couple of strokes with the knife, back in the drawer, job done.
    Meanwhile you're still setting up potentially the first of a bunch of a whetstones.
  5. jamesdew's avatar
    This thing destroys knives, maybe use to revive knives you would otherwise throw out but otherwise do not.
  6. LordScrumptious's avatar
    Bought one of these on the last deal.... If you want to turn straight knives into serrated, this is the kiddie!!! (sarcasm). Dreadful sharpener.... image says it all.50207144-FjK0T.jpg
    iTzDoMiNaToR's avatar
    You must be using it wrong! Iv had mine for a couple of years and it's done wonders for my knifes. Maybe yours are cheap rubbish
  7. blumminhot's avatar
    I got one a while ago and found it sometimes nibbles a bit out of the cutting edge. Definitely not one for knives you love. I since got a set of 4 diamond sharpening blocks for £12.99 from Amazon, and they really do work well, and they also work on scissors, chisels etc, which the Anysharp won't
  8. iTzDoMiNaToR's avatar
    I don't get how this is a hot deal....its like 1 pound more at a supermarket....
    Dan_425's avatar
    If something is cheaper it's a deal.
    Welcome to hot uk deals. On here they post deals when things are cheaper. This is cheaper, so it's a deal.
  9. colourpie's avatar
    This works really well but it's quite brutal, takes off quite a lot of material each time. Great for reviving some cheapo knives.
  10. angelking's avatar

    These were £5
  11. aayyup's avatar
    I bought one last time they were on sale. You can see the shards of metal coming away from the blade as the knife is drawn across. Used once on one blade. Won't be using it again.
  12. pototea's avatar
    Really good deal - this was £12 last month when I bought!
  13. Fogg1969's avatar
    I'm not sure if it's the same as the one I bought, it looks the same, but mine is branded Diamond Edge and calls itself "no.1 knife sharpener in the world" rather than the best. Still it was a tenner well spent, I couldn't believe how well it works.

    £6 is a lot chepaer than new knives!
  14. Stormbringer2012's avatar
    I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while, this price has made me bite the bullet.
    Heat added.
  15. dani80's avatar
    Thanks. Ordered this the other day for £8 so cancelled that one
  16. Peter_Szygowski's avatar
    I bought this one via here a couple of month's ago and boy does it shift metal off dull knife edges!
    For cheap everyday cutlery it's great, rather than spending a lot more on "fancy" sharpeners.
  17. sakurah106's avatar
    Thanks. Ordered
  18. bpwa1's avatar
    Thanks OP purchased
  19. justine.ann's avatar
    Thank you for sharing this I’ve bought one
  20. egodwin4's avatar
    This was the same price in my local TK Maxx couple of weeks ago when I bought it.... if you want to try your luck in one!
  21. theoriginalfunkbrother's avatar
    Thanks, ordered.
  22. HammerTime10's avatar
    got this last time it works great on the cheaper knives you don't care about too much.
  23. Adiebear's avatar
    Good for cheap knives ( which I have)but it's pretty brutal to the blade, I wouldn't use it on a decent knife.
  24. ipmanwck's avatar
    I got one of these thinking it will be bad... I sliced my finger as it made my knives sooo sharp. It is pretty amazing as the knives I have are cheap as
  25. zararh's avatar
    Does this work?
    pokemon2's avatar
    it does work, but if it is really blunt, then you need a machine sharpener. i have few of these meaning it will get damaged or worn out after 1yr, it does sharpen at the right angle
  26. GordonGekko's avatar
    Do not use on scissors. Messed mine up
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Do not use on knives either!
  27. pokemon2's avatar
    i bought one for £8 but it does not have all the texts, just says anysharp which is odd
  28. Willma's avatar
    Ordered thanks OP
  29. 2_Dog's avatar
    This came yesterday, well impressed for the price.
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