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Posted 13 May 2024

AOC AGON AG274QZM - 27 Inch QHD Mini LED Gaming Monitor, 240Hz HDR1000 HDMI 2.1

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not a monitor expert but for MINI LED this seems decent, cheapest its ever been, edge lit monitors with 6-8 zones have been my prior but this has 550+ local dimming zones and HDR 1000 making it have much better contrast and brightness than the £300ish hdr 400 around, for an extra £200 this seems a big upgrade.

it also has 65w power over usb C and built in speakers, not many reviews around weirdly but for the specs and good brand it looks alright, anyone have this or know more about monitors and pricing to comment would be brilliant, im after a monitor for gaming and movies, but hate when you move your curser over dark background and it lights up half the screen with bright white "shadows?". hoping the local dimming zones solve that not having to illuminate half the pixels for a small patch, plus 200+ HZ is ideal for gaming, obviously OLED is an easy answer but a good OLED cost a lot more + i play a lot of UI heavy games and watch sports and feel like even with burn in protection desktop PC on 12+ hours a day is asking for trouble haha.
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    ok so been using this a few hours now since yesterday and here is my impressions coming from a dell 60hz 1440p like, 5 year old basic monitor.

    pros - colour accuracy is great, movies, games and general usage all seem perfect, not washed out but not overly vibrant just real, skin tones and car colours etc, its 98% dci-p3 anything over 90% is very accurate, 10 bit colour makes this perfect for all but professional colour grading etc the difference between my old and this monitor is crazy and things look like they have been remastered haha. i have a LG oled and the colour profile on warm matches very closely, to have the people skintone and trees etc look very similar to a tv costing over 1k and oled shows how good and out of the box accurate it is.

    240 hz is smooth as can be, i did play around and from 60-120 its massive difference, to 165 small but noticeable difference feels "faster" but honestly going from 180-240 i couldnt tell the difference really, luckily most of the games i play run at 120-180 anyway and dont hit 240 so its irrelevant, nice to have but not a huge factor, it is good for just browsing, the mouse feels faster and now limiting manually to 60fps feels slow and laggy and i dont know how i ever used it.

    people have mentioned IPS blooming, moving white mouse on black background, making a halo, of white a few CM big like a glow because the monitor has to light up all LED around the white object, but these mini LED are much better, can barley notice it at all, the mouse only illuminates itself and literally a few pixels to the left and right are inky black, no light at all comes from them, blooming is, for all intensive purposes gone, is oled better if you measure it with tech, of course, but can you notice with the naked eye, not in 99% of cases, star wars i have a white lightsabre on black background in a cave and it only lit up local area as it should but the rest of the cave was pitch black, my old monitor with edge lit would have half the cave lit up like a torch was being used, the difference is massive, aklin to old ips vs oled, this has the same effect.

    speakers, not as good as my bookshelf £250 ones obviously BUT, if you dont have, fine for netflix or youtube, + if mine ever stop working i can diagnose if its the speakers at fault or audio drivers or whatever, always good to be included, has DTS sound and honestly, just an extra nicety.

    all metal base, stand and edges very premium feeling build, red accents match my audio interface and look nice, not too flashy, LED on back and bottom are a nice touch and can be changed colour and brightness, it also comes with a little puck/remote that you can change settings with rather than reaching around the back of the monitor. it also comes with a hood and sides with a fabric material on the isnide to protect the screen, that blocks out the sun or reflections, makes it feel like im in the cinema a bit.

    i tried to take a photo but between the phone and lights on screen interfering + my phone processing the face i took looks different on my phone than the monitor so its pointless but i have no complaints, i spent £500 so its not a low amount of money to just be happy with anything, im not stuck with it i can return if i didnt like it so the fact i think its worth £500 says something in itself.

    USB to display port, can connect my laptop, charging it to 100% in an hour while having it display on screen, convenient. 2x hdmi 2.1, one for my xbox series x output 4k 120hz and downscales it to 1440p looking very sharp, second one spare, display port used for PC but handy to have another 2,.1 hdmi in case DP cable get damaged or pc needs HDMI over DP for whatever reason and can still run full res and hz unlike hdmi 2,0

    3 years warranty included.

    cons -

    the stand is wide but also deep, it has 3 legs, 2 go side to side and out to the front a bit and one stick behind, this seems unneeded and ive hung the back leg of the edge of my desk and stand is still rock solid so its overengineered, wont wobble or move at all very sturdy but if you have a narrow desk is will make placement limited.

    pricey, even at £500 off, its still £500 BUT, compared to a £250-£300 non mini led or a cheaper mini led with 300 zones instead of this 550, the blooming on this is non existent, the hz is higher and colour accuracy very high and looks great, i think this is a great middle ground between a cheaper monitor probably fine for gaming or youtube but not perfect for netflix and movies, full hdr 1000 and 10 bit colour makes it a joy to watch, and makes games pop and real hdr look fantastic, OLED for £800+ will obviously be better but cost a lot more and if you want value for performance this is my pick.

    my verdict -

    light gaming, non HDR use, and youtube etc, get a £200-£300 edge lit or mini led with 200-300 zones and anything less than 5ms response.

    this for HDR gaming and movies and shows, high refresh less than 1ms response time, built in speakers useful, great ports, and colour accurate get this or similar spec. around £450-£550

    for the perfect HDR movie experience and gaming instant response less than 1ms usually 0.5ms or less and the top end pc experience does everything this monitor does but slightly better get an oled or QD-oled but these will be £800+ even going above £1k

    sorry for likely spelling and grammar, just finished work and the dogs sat waiting to go out so quick mini review here before walkies haha, any questions about specific things i can answer easier so just let me know, cheers.
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    Awesome, thanks for the detailed feedback! This is going on my list to keep an eye on, hopefully the price stays down for a bit, can't warrant it right now after car repair bills - Sad times.
  2. comedychris's avatar
    seems to come with a monitor hood to prevent sunlight on it, + a remote control dongle thing to change settings quick, its also g sync compatible and amd freesync premium pro and works with xbox and ps5 at 120fps.
  3. andrew18's avatar
    Damn, that's a hell of a spec
    comedychris's avatar
    i thought so, ive taken the leap and it arrives tomorrow it looks perfect for me so just waiting for any glaring issues but if not, should be ideal.
  4. comedychris's avatar
    well the deal just went hot so glad i bought before it goes out of stock, i will come back tomorrow review it and let people know how it looks first impressions
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    Has it arrived yet? :P
  5. RifleEyes's avatar
    Get that panel on an arm or the wall with that hideous stand
  6. PizzaCake's avatar
    Interesting I didn't know they did a IPS HDR1000 version. The £300 VA version is available for pre-order at Scan scan.co.uk/pro…-hd

    The Amazon reviews for the IPS version are glowing in a bad way maybe that's why they moved to VA for the higher contrast?
    comedychris's avatar
    i found this, says its good barring not the best motion for competitive play but more than good enough, and some weird issues with SDR and brightness/white but this has since been fixed in firmware update so seems decent, the IPS in your vid is a completely different panel,

    be careful of amazon aswell half the reviews, most of them in fact arnt for this product but other variants. most recent one was a guy who paid 700+ and said its good in january. im unsure, might gamble it myself and see what its like.
  7. LeeFauxe's avatar
    Is this just as good as OLED?
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    wont be as deep blacks but very close, also blooming shouldnt be an issue with 500+ dimming zones, this doesnt have risk of burn in and HDR 1000 will actually br brighter than oled if your playing in bright room, its similar depending on use as far as i can see good mini LED isnt close to oled with some pros even
  8. Jay_KiHJ's avatar
    Great specs, the stand is crazy though
  9. DoubleM's avatar
    This or the Dell AW2725DF (27” QD-OLED)?
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    If you have the money the AW2725DF is better in literally every metric.
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