Apache Air Assault PS3/XBox360 £17.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Apache Air Assault PS3/XBox360 £17.95 delivered @ Zavvi

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Found 3rd Dec 2010
Great price for this brand new game - elsewhere:-
base.com £27.99
Amazon UK £29.85
Lovefilm Retail £35.95
Powerplaydirect £39.49
base.com £27.99
HMV £29.99
Asda £35.91
Click-a-game £35.95

Death, Destruction And Devastation

Take to the air in the lethal Apache AH-64 attack helicopter and rain down death
from above using the latest in cutting edge military weapons technology. Fly attack,
reconnaissance, escort and rescue missions deep behind enemy lines in missions around the world. Use laser-guided precision ground strikes and devastating rounds of explosive Hellfi re missiles to take out high value strategic targets. Defend civilians from heavily armed pirates off the coast of Africa, hunt down terrorists in the mountains of central Asia, and take down enemy choppers in intense aerial combat over the jungles of Central America. When you think you’ve mastered the skies, prove it by taking your skills online in competitive multiplayer matches.


* Authentic Warzones: With more than 16 multi-stage mission involving air and ground strike operations, the campaign takes you along real life locations. From the jungles of Central America to the mountains of the Middle East, Apache has you where the fight is needed the most.
* Realism Defined: Everything in the game is painstakingly made with realism in mind. From the real-world satellite photography used to make the in-game environments to the simulation controls, Apache puts you in the front seat of helicopters modeled exactly to look like their real life counterparts.
* Tailored Experience: Play the way you want to play. Jump right in and rain down destruction in the game’s arcade-style Training mode or test your aerial skills by playing in the challenging Realistic Mode.
* Cooperative Destruction: Have a friend join the fi ght! The local cooperative mode lets two players gear up in the same Apache and tackle the game’s story mode with one player acting as the pilot and the other as the gunner.
* Online Helicopter Combat: Join other helicopter enthusiasts as you go directly against them in competitive online modes such as Team Battle, Capture the LZ and Strike. If that’s not enough online players can form online squadrons with up to four Apaches fighting together in unison.
* Experienced Developer: Gaijin Entertainment brings a proven pedigree to the game, with years of fl ight simulation experience and a reputation for crafting highly-realistic and authentic titles.


Pretty sure this was already posted as part of Zavvi's MEGA MONDAY deals


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Only just reduced in last few hours Mire Mare - was £25 at 6.00pm

good find just ordered seems very good another xmas pressie sorted cheers heat added

Really enjoyed the demo for this , probably sales where killed by GT5 and Black Ops . Shame to see an Activsion title struggle .

Is it any good tho?

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Is it any good tho?

Couple of customer revies HERE
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The demo was crud.

When its under £15, I'll be all over it

I really enjoyed the demo

Its no Desert Storm.
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