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Apalus 1KG Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier, Keep Windows Fog-Free £11.99 Sold by HOOMEE EU & Fulfilled by Amazon

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Apalus 1KG Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier, Dry Air, DMF Free, Reusable Moisture Absorber Bag, Automotive Dehumidifier, Keep Windows Fog-Free. Prevents Condensation and Mold, Includes 1 x Anti Slip Mat

Fighting with messed up screen in your Car? Try Apalus Car Dehumidifier!
In winter time, you've more than likely struggled with a cloudy, vision-impairing window that makes even the shortest travel impossible.
While you can get rid of fogged up windows turning on the heat, it takes some time and won't always keep the fogginess away.
Rather than waste gas or time, turn to the incredible absorption power of Apalus Car Dehumifier Bag!
Keep Apalus Moisture Absorber Bag on your dashboard and it is able to absorb the humidity in your car and keeps the windscreen clear and your journey safe!
In the product video in our Amazon Brand Store you will find tips on how to successfully dry and place the dehumidifier in the car. Enter "Apalus car dehumidifier" in the search engine
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    I’ve got the cheaper one you shared and it’s great, I bring it in to the house once a week or so and recharge it on the radiator rather than microwave, would recommend
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    Thanks for the better price information. Have just ordered for my daughter's car
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    nice one been looking for a bigger sized one. worth a punt in my old car
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    How are people's experiences with these?

    We use one in the car, but it still gets misted windows on a cold morning. Wiping them and the water streams down the inside.

    It seems to make a bit of difference, but not much.
    I sorted mine by resealing a rear tail light, it was letting water in to the boot

    Try to find your leak, these take a bit of moisture out of the air but only until it rains in again
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    I bought a karcher wv2 window vac and it's saved me alot of headache demisting in the cold mornings. Highly recommend it.
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    Bought one from Aldi for £2.99. Did nothing...