APB : All Points Bulletin / PC Game - £17.99 delivered at Coolshop
APB : All Points Bulletin / PC Game - £17.99 delivered at Coolshop

APB : All Points Bulletin / PC Game - £17.99 delivered at Coolshop

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Next cheapest I see for this game is £24.99 at Amazon.

APB is a new breed of online game. Set in a persistent living, breathing open-world urban environment where fame and fortune awaits all players. Some players will achieve this by feeding on the city, its people and its businesses.the Criminals. Some will live by a higher code and instead feed on the criminals and their organisations.the Enforcers. This dynamic where players become the core content for other players is one of the many unique features of APB. Its deep, rich customisation system provides players with the ability to completely personalise their identity. Looks, clothing, vehicles and even music, all to astonishing detail and quality.


Very unsure about this game/business model, but that is a fantastic price.

(For those unaware, you receive 50hrs of play when you initially purchase the game).

Bet its not as good as APB was on my old speccy. Oh the days lol

Read the reviews and the forums before buying - I was quite excited about this when I first heard about it, but having played in the beta for the past few months (well for the 2 hours a week they allowed), I can quite honestly say the game is pants.

They spent so much time developing the tools to customise your character, they actually forgot about the bit you play - i.e the driving and shooting. Both feel very awkward. The matchmaking is a joke too - putting you up against people who are higher level with better guns just isn't fun.

Interestingly, one of the developers was recently interviewed, and basically said it was the player bases fault for not getting the control system - the fact that they have been told for months through beta that it just doesn't work obviously never registered with them. He then goes on to say that people used to twitch games like Counter Strike will not enjoy the targeting system - way to alienate your potential audience. So basically, anyone who expected to play this game like an online version of GTA, or play competitively in the PVP like Counterstrike, BF:BC2 or TF2, etc will not like it here according to the developer.

My advice: Save your cash and buy something more interesting

Does this game have an interesting story, like in GTA IV, or is it just an arcade action game?
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