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APC Easy UPS 700VA (BVX700LI) UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, AVR, LED Indicators, Uninterruptible Power Supply - £61.10 @ Amazon

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About this item
  • 700VA / 360W Backup Battery Supply
  • 4 IEC Battery Backup with Surge Protection Outlets
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) protects connected devices by stabilizing incoming voltage levels
  • Ideal UPS for Home Device; Modem & Router, Smartphone, PC Desktop Computer
  • Backed by APC's 2-YEAR warranty repair or replace

Brand - APC by Schneider Electric
Battery cell composition - Lead Acid
Item dimensions - L x W x H150 x 5 x 5 centimetres
Voltage - 280 Volts
Colour - Black
added by louiselouise:

Size Name: 700 VA / 360 W
Item model number: ‎ BVX700LI
Official webpage: se.com/ww/…vr/

Product Datasheet
User guide

APC Easy UPS BVX700LI Reliable Home Connection
Losing power means disruption from the internet, business meetings, data processing and can even restrict you from contacting family and friends. APC by Schneider Electric BVX700LI provides continuous power to your devices to ensure your devices remain protected.

What home devices should I use a Easy UPS to protect?
  • Modem & Router
  • PC Computer & PC Monitor
  • External Hard Drive
  • Smartphone & Tablet
  • TV Cable Box
4066662_1.jpg4066662_1.jpg4066662_1.jpg4066662_1.jpgBest price ever on Keepa (Amazon prices only), keepa.com/4066662_1.jpg£96.90 Incl VAT Critical Power Supplies criticalpowersupplies.co.uk/p/a…li/
£102.19 Incl VAT Broadband Buyer (OOS) broadbandbuyer.com/pro…li/

Google Shopping says, here
4066662_1.jpgAmazon reviews, sorted by variant (most are mixed, unfortunately!), here
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    I'd suggest going with the APC BE650G2 or BE850G2 instead. They have removable and replaceable batteries whereas this doesn't (and realistically the battery will need replacing every few years), plus they have UK plug sockets which are generally more helpful for home use than IEC.

    The 650 version is occasionally on sale on Amazon and Ebay for only slightly more than this. (edited)
    APC specify non-user replaceable, which is just code for they want to sell you over-priced batteries fitted by a service centre. My BX1400 says the same but I changed mine recently.

    But the don't make it easy. I'd never have figured out how without the guidance of YouTube. (edited)
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    Undeniably useful but I wish they would say what the power draw is when these things are in standby. My last one was about 30W which works out at about £100 a year and you can't just turn it off with a smart plug because then it thinks there is a power outage. Once the battery is charged there is no reason for one of these to draw even 1W.
    apc power consumption (tpcdb.com) may be helpful. But doesn't list every model, sometimes you have to infer based on the series etc. Often 'Eco' or 'Green' versions appear to take less power. As do ones which do overall less power smoothing.

    I went with an Eaton in the end over similar concerns.
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    This is not designed to power something beyond the time it takes to carry out a clean shut down. (edited)
    True but it would keep a modem/router running for an hour or two if needed so you can use an iphone, laptop etc on wifi for a bit. (edited)
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    is this any good for running a midsized laptop (Dell 5400 to be specific) for a few hours for office work? I'm looking to fully embrace remote working and travelling at the same time, so after something that is portable and would run the laptop for an hour or two.
    A slight different product which might be more suited to your needs could a jackery or a poweroak rechargeable battery supply (Google for more info) which can be charged from the mains, cigarette lighter or solar panels
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    Up voted. My 10yo old UPS failed so bought Tecnoware ERA PLUS 1200 for a little more about £89 a few months back when our local power became crazy flakey. Only need the wifi to keep going & with maybe some LED fairy lights plugged in. Curious just like buying a 2WD with semi-4WD option setting after a snow storm 5 years ago - it 's never since new been needed to kick in. Get a UPS & magically your power supply becomes totally reliable
    Ha I nearly pulled the trigger on a refurb from ebay, due to similar regions.. hesitated and yup.. power stability restored! So even the thread of buying one, seems to work too I've of course said it now, down I go.
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    Seems expired now £85.48.

    Personally I prefer at minimum a USB port for monitoring/alerts from UPS, but this is probably for modem/wifi.

    IMO a good way to get a great UPS is 2nd hand APC back-UPS (has much better capabilities including regular self test) and install new batteries.
    Dont rely on a UPS that doesnt self test to protect your data. Do plan to replace the batteries.
    I found out the hard way.
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    I use a candle and have a nap instead
  8. Avatar
    would this run a 3060 pc build?
    It's 360W output so probably not if you are gaming when the power drops out.
  9. Avatar
    Anyone got actual dimensions? 150cm long by 5 by 5 is just not even close to right.


    14x10x31cm according to

    se.com/ww/…0LI (edited)
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    I'd like a UPS to support a NUC (which runs Plex, Home Assistant, and a VPN gateway) and my wifi router.......but I'm a bit confused as to how would I connect those two items, with UK plugs, to this device.

    could anyone advise? many thanks in advance

    [edit].....get an APC instead as per Dan_Clarks comment :-) (edited)
    IEC/Kettle to UK plug adapters.
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    Maybe not such a great deal. I bought the 750VA version with USB connectivity (so UPS can be monitored from your PC and the PC can be shutdown automatically) in November for £67...


    I bought the APC so my main UPS (a CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCDUK) is dedicated to protecting my FTTP ONT, pfSense Router, switch and primary Mesh wi-fi AP. It will run that little lot for 3.5 hours - i.e. a little longer than the proposed 3 hour rolling power cuts which haven't materialised (yet).
    With our 4 days of gas reserves and the coldest days to come I think it's still very possible we will experience them.
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    There is no usb or network interface to connect iit to server to tell it to shut down?
    It's worth googling Smart UPS vs Easy UPS differences. Basically the Easy ones are the budget range - that's why there's no USB etc. There are also technicalities about how they do the wave transformation that are more than my pay grade - basically the Smart ones do a true conversion to an AC wave whereas the Easy ones approximate it. Doesn't matter for most consumer stuff but some sensitive equipment won't like it.
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    As we're talking batteries, my BX1400 uses 2 x 12V/7.2A & I bought this pair, which were relatively cheap & seem OK. How long they last is anyone's guess but reviews seem decent enough at 4.8/5.