APHEX TWIN Live from Field Day - Free Video Stream! SATURDAY 3rd June

APHEX TWIN Live from Field Day - Free Video Stream! SATURDAY 3rd June

Posted 1st Jun 2017
This is a first! Just suddenly announced it on Twitter the other day. Won't be everyone's cup of tea of course, but I'm sure there's enough electronic music fans who'll get off on this. Can't wait!

As for the exact time - no idea, I'd check his Twitter account on Saturday to keep track of when things will kick off. Will post myself if I see anything concrete. As for what exactly we're in for - not entirely sure, visuals will be done just for people streaming it live by a group called Weirdcore. Should be hype. Beers or whatever needed for sure



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so what's the "deal"
No deal, deal with it.

Tune in and enjoy, sound like you could do with it. That forum police business is hard work, yo.
Come to Daddy!
Thanks for posting!
Thank you Vanderlust. Please update this thread if you find out when he is going to start.
Starts at 8.55pm tonight guys
Vanderlust - "Starts at 8.55pm tonight guys"

Thank you.
If you (like me) don't seem to be able to get the youtube stream going...

At the top left of nts.live/ there is a live audio stream available.

EDIT: working video stream here: nts.live/pro…win

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