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APOLLO Chef Knife 20cm CERBERA, Multi-Colour, 40x7x1.5

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Blade material Stainless Steel
Colour Multi-colour
Blade edge Plain
Blade length 20 Centimetres
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  • Chef knife 20cm Cerbera

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  1. howbord's avatar
    OK for £1.70 you cant expect much but this is a really poor knife 
    shamhaque's avatar
    Not great at all, tbh it's a waste of £1.70
  2. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Delivery 03 to 06 June.
    One review states that it is no good for left handers because of the blade. When you look at the pics, we see the angle on the left face, but we do not see the right. So perhaps this is a single sided blade.
    gordo1964's avatar
    Not after the left handed screwdriver debacle
  3. archdeak's avatar
    Bought one of these the last time it was this price, here's my review on Amazon :-

    To be very blunt (just like the knife), this knife isn't particularly useful. Put the few pennies it costs towards a far better quality item. It's not sharp, won't cut through a piece of cheese without added pressure. OK for sharpening practice only, and you could be there awhile doing it regularly !
    qbs's avatar
    They're probably sharper than most of the people who buy them.
  4. Xippi's avatar
    Not this again! Poundland quality landfill. Don't waste your money. Go to TK Maxx and spend a bit more on something that's actually useful.
    Fadd_Lo_Lun_Mera's avatar
    TK don’t stock knives not since last two years. When they did it was top notch quality.
  5. louds's avatar
    Got one of these when it was last on offer. Blade already rusting after six months
  6. Solac's avatar
    The picture of it not being able to chop an onion isn't a good marketing choice
  7. boostii's avatar
    wow pocket money price
  8. TheTruth's avatar
    Blunt as a brick
  9. flamethrower's avatar
    knife from chef who lost his job
  10. Cheeky_Chap's avatar
    Used on the moon, true story
    5thu5gu's avatar
    This is how they cut the cheese and bring it back to Earth
  11. Quids's avatar
    I use a knife identical to this for things like chopping a whole chicken into portions and other rough chopping, rather than use my best knives. It's okay to have more than one knife and they don't all have to be samurai steel.
  12. VN125250's avatar
    Great around Halloween 👻
    EliTeAP's avatar
    What, as a treat or a prop?

    If it's a treat, let me know where you're located and I'll pop round 🏼
  13. SqueezeEveryPenny's avatar
    Chef man up, now his face look like Ribery.
  14. Bargain_Bambi's avatar
    I have one of those mine was quite sharp?
    Luqmaan's avatar
    Are you asking us if it was sharp?
  15. bigpappa's avatar
    Anyone recommended some knives as mine are as blunt and dull  as Yorkshireman. 
  16. AverageBloke's avatar
    LMAO at the video of it NOT cutting anything at all. A cheap knife not fit for purpose is very dangerous.
  17. Franzkill's avatar
    Can I use this on my managers and Man U supporting mates? For educational purposes
  18. eded's avatar
    Thanks OP - in the process of learning how to sharpen a knife with a whetstone, and this will make a perfect test subject.
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