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Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike - Blue - 14", 17", 20" Frames £175 at Halfords

£175£19510% off
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About this deal

  • Frame: Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Forks: Apollo MTB forks with 60mm travel
  • Gears: 18 speed Shimano gear set
  • Brakes: Steel V-brakes
  • Wheels: 27.5” MTB tyres
  • Suspension: Front Suspension
Halfords More details at Halfords

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    This seems an ok bike, and while many will say its not as good as a bike over £1000, at least if it does get pinched it will be less upsetting than a bike costing over £1000. For a bike to get around on and last many years, i suspect you cannot go wrong.

    One thing that I am not keen on are the twist gears. Some people may prefer them, but I find you have to use a bit of presume to change, while a stick you can flick and change the gears with ease.

    As with any bike regardless of cost, do not buy a £2 lock as they will be cut with ease. I tend to opt for a thick chain with a decent padlock, however you can end up with something with a heavy weight. But whatever you get, remember they carry big bolt cutters.

    Also a tip. If your bike comes with plastic cheap peddles, change them for something solid, as I find they break with ease.

    Another tip is to buy a decent light.
    Also if you buy a bike for road use only, change the tiers to road ones (no bumps in them) as you will find it so much easer to cycle. MTB tyres are great for off road, but on a road you will be going slower and having to put a lot more effort in to cycle. Nice road ones will make your bike feel so much better.
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    These are rubbish and barely better than walking. In fact when the gears magically fall out of adjustment and jam the chain or you crash due to the non existent brakes you will have wished you chose to walk in the first place.
    So you voting Hot?
    What do you recommend for a 12 year old 5'.?

    Was told 24 frame was too small so looking at 26.
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    Got the electric version bought second hand great little bike for what I need 3 miles eaxh way commute. Probably need a new battery soon though.
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    Look at the other thread for the Serious mountain bike, similar price much better bike.