Appgear: Dr Who Cleric Wars App Game only £4.99 instore @ Home Bargains

Appgear: Dr Who Cleric Wars App Game only £4.99 instore @ Home Bargains

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Found 5th Aug 2013
Good price for this; from what I can find this is around £11 to £25 elsewhere

Lock and Load. Battle enemies in your own room! Download the free app and insert your smartphone (iPhone, iPod or Android) to start the game!

As Earth nears total destruction by alien forces, you must join the Cleric army and battle through multiple waves of enemies: Daleks, Cybermen and Angels in a last-ditch mission to save the planet. The immersive controls use a first-person viewpoint with pan function. To defeat an enemy you need to aim the Q.L.A and fire at it until a vortex opens up and pulls it in. The head up display (H.U.D) helps you locate your enemies. Their general location is indicated by coloured icons near the centre of the target that light up to indicate which way to turn to locate them.

Appgear: Dr Who Cleric Wars App Game
Battle in your own room
Immersive first-person gamer experience
Download the free app to your own Smartphone (iPhone, iPod or Android)
Includes, QLA phone cradle and link-up cable
Smartphone not included
9+ Years
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Hmm interesting
Free App here
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