APPLE 13.3" MacBook Air MD231B/A Laptop NOW £849 @PCWORLD SAVE £150

APPLE 13.3" MacBook Air MD231B/A Laptop NOW £849 @PCWORLD SAVE £150

Found 2nd Jul 2013
Sounds like a good saving if your looking for a new MacBook Air. Also other MacBook Air's on offer in PCWORLD stock clearance!
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Good price. I am not an Apple fan but I returned an Asus Zenbook after 6 months to Amazon as there were so many niggly problems with it. Now I am using my old steam driven lappy while looking around (including MacBooks !)

Thing is, there is a new MacBook due (promised for June) with the Haswell processor. So this is probably why there are off-loading current models.
New Macbook Air is already out. This is old model, but still not a bad price. However the battery life increase on the new model and faster SSD may make it a much more attractive option
Out of stock currently but refurb from Apple for £719 looks a much better deal.…-i5
the new one is £830 on Amazon :-)
Battery life on the new model is very impressive. And graphics are a notch up too.
Gotta be worth the extra money to buy the latest version. Only reason to buy an Air is for pure portability and that is where the haswell chip will work wonders.
Or worth paying less for the newer one. £819 on Amazon
Terrible device. Cold

Terrible device. Cold

Thanks for the very helpful 'techie' comment
Dumb mugs, still around lol

Thanks for the very helpful 'techie' comment

Maybe your the techiest of them all then?
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