Apple 20" 2.4 GHz iMac £328.97

Apple 20" 2.4 GHz iMac £328.97

Found 19th Sep 2008
Ok, so I know sometime not everyone can get hold of these deals, but someone may have some luck somewhere.

Go to the site and search Product code: 934058


The all-new, all-in-one iMac packs a complete, high-performance computer into a beautifully thin design and includes a powerful Intel (R) Core TM 2 Duo Processor.

Also provided is a Built-in wireless Port, Mac OS X, and the award winning iLife '08 and Front Row application suites, giving you amazing new ways to enjoy photos, create movies, make music, build websites, and more.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.4GHz, 800MHz FSB, 4MB Cache 1GB Memory 320GB Hard Disk 20'' Widescreen Aluminium display Wireless & Bluetooth 2.0 Networking iLife 08 Software iSight Camera ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO Graphics Card Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard" .
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The link opens PC World's website. Where is the actual link?
ok found it...cheers...

ok found it...cheers...

I've fixed the URL now, sorry. Their site times out usually. :-D
none in bedford, northampton or milton keynes

Shame there is no stock in any near me, or i would have bought one!
None anywhere:x

Has the OP actually found any evidence that this deal actually exists!
I can't actually find ANY stores in the uk with any. Nevermind.

Cheap as chips though! :-)
none in Northern Ireland....anywhere
No where to be found!
Agreed, I've tried every city and surrounding area I can think of and haven't found anywhere with it in stock
none in london either
voted cold and expired
I sold one of these on ebay for £680 this week, this is fantastic deal. Has anyone actually tried phoning the helpline, maybe they could tell you which (if any) store has it in stock.
I remember this happening before where the iMac was priced ridiculously low but again no stock. I think it is a glitch on the site.
Got one \o/

Got one \o/

liar liar pants on fire:)
nope, i'm posting from it now!!

Got one \o/


nope, i'm posting from it now!!

There were no stock in the North East that i knew of? Checked all stores???!
there was 1, i had to hot-foot it from consett to the otherside of town and i got the last one. i might have fractured a speed limit or two getting there, but it was worth it.
Hmmm which store did you get it from then? Durham? Just rang up around the area and no stock. You got a bargain! I'll give you £340 for it :-D Think of the £11.03 profit!
Post a pic of the reciept..:roll:

I checked every area of the country not long after the post went up, called 3 times and spoke to 3 different people
hehe, i don't have a scanner.

but i do have a lovely 20" imac. now to do the sensible thing and install windoze on it
I'm a bit doubtful as i was like yourself Celticsun. Rang local stores as i am actually quite friendly with them as i work part time in DSG stores as a Rep. But non in Teesside area had any.

If your going by the website collect@store, then it depends on stock levels to what is shown. If there is 1 only in stock, they may show it out of stock.

hehe, i don't have a scanner.but i do have a lovely 20" imac. now to do … hehe, i don't have a scanner.but i do have a lovely 20" imac. now to do the sensible thing and install windoze on it

Obviously lieing!

yay for me

yay for me

Well done. Nice buy!! Lucky.

Why does the receipt say Exchange though?
no idea. at that price i don't really care tbh
Wish i was that lucky. Nevermind! Which store was that from then? I'm guesing Durham or Sunderland?
Hmmmm... very lucky. CS help line said it was a misprice and it isn't available at this price,
Strange way they have done it, but Well done :thumbsup:
has this been taken off there site now?
I was also lucky enough to get one of these today. Check your local store, in particular the display model. If its got a sticker on it, on the rear, it could well be included in the sale. There was no other sales information around the machine, just sitting on a stand as demonstration. I know its used but I still think its a good deal.
What was the sticker on the back like blorbed? Just so I know what to look for. Did it have the same price as above? Did it say the item was for sale at reduced price etc? Colour?

Hi, I'm afraid I don't have the computer yet, its still instore as they have to do a fresh install of the OS, I've to pick it up later. The sticker was just the standard PCWorld sticker you get on used/sale items. Squarish, faded yellow with a description of the item, cant remember if it had a barcode on it, though it did have the 934058 number on it. They used this number to confirm on their computer system what the price was. Yes the price was as above. Regards.
Did you manage to pick this up blorbed? planning on having a look round some local stores today- not holding much hope though:(
I saw someone buying the display model at Leeds Headrow this lunchtime.

Gutted I was - Although I couldn't have afforded it until Friday myself :whistling:
Picked it up this afternoon. It was actually for my partner, just updating the software presently. The guy who installed the software at PCWorld mentioned what a great deal it was and if he'd known he would have had it himself.
As an aside to the iMac purchase above, today I also got hold of an Airport Express for £14.95 (SRP £65). Again it was as above with the sticker on it, and no pricing. I remembered seeing this at the same time as the iMac when it was posted on the PCWorld website. Its the older b/g model as opposed to the newer n model but should be alright for web surfing and airtunes use.
Well each time I have found one of these in stock I have been give some bull$hit excuse as to why I cant have it. Tried most stores round Manchester/Liverpool and either they couldnt find it, stock levels were 'wrong' or they couldnt sell it as it was already sold.

****** off, this is a great price and I know the stores had stock- guessin the staff their are just keeping them back til payday! Am thinking of complaining to CS about these dodgy stock levels at each store!!!!
Having spoken to PC World it seems that Apple are bringing out a new updated range in Nov/Dec and these were ex display or last of current stock. According to the PC world advisor the new range is going to be more affordable since Apple have been hit on sales given that they insist on being more expensive than most other PC/Laptop manufacturers. She said check back in November to see the new range and offers.

Sorry if you already knew this but might be useful to some as I've been after a Mac for ages but the price has put me off.

Well done to those that got this deal :thumbsup:
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