Apple 20" Display only £359.99 Delivered!
Apple 20" Display only £359.99 Delivered!

Apple 20" Display only £359.99 Delivered!

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Now £374.99
Save 50% Was £749.99

50.8cm (20ins) LCD flat panel professional display that measures up to the most colour-critical work

Supports 16.7 million colours

Use any of the £15 off £30 codes to get this price - cheapest I've seen it!


empire is the cheapest

next price


around £400

i think the price drop is due to apples new range being unveiled next week.
the new imac is supposed to look like just the apple lcd monitor


the new imac is supposed to look like just the apple lcd monitor

It won't, for that exact reason.

why would you pay this much for an LCD of this size with a contrast ratio of only 400:1 ?? :?

have to wait until tomorrow i got my dates mixed up. Apparently new imac and new monitors.

£360 for a 20" TFT??? You can get yourself a PC with a 20" screen from Dell for almost that much!
This deal costs about £150 for the screen and £210 for the Apple logo.

Even Apple store only sells it for 399 quid.. Not really a good price..

The reason for the price deficit is that they are colour accurate (after decent calibration). For the majority of people though, it's simply an expensive, very nicely put together screen, all alu, no ugly vents around the back etc. The cinema display competes in the high end PShop arena, along the likes of Lacie for example, not your bog standard Dells.

In my old job I was still using CRTs for video and image editing, nowadays all I do is the very occasional freelance project and hobbyist stuff, not enough to justify any of the current Apple monitor line-up.

Still the nicest looking displays on the block, mind.

the cinema display is really good stuff - we have some at the office, i have come across many displays and this is the most true colour - there's no comparism to any other lcd pc monitor, mate.

not voting hot as not planning to get anytime soon, just got a 'cheaper' formac ... if i had waited a few months more, i'd get this for the same-ish price.

Tha panels are made by samsung and in a number of apple displays are the exact same panels in the dell range. Apple = nice design at a great cost.

There's shared tech in many different brands, that doesn't for a second mean that you're getting identical performance in a different case.

Same panels but different processing technology I guess... I am still not convinced though, maybe I would be if I had seen one though ;-)
There is definitely a certain ammount of colour of variation just between the 4 LCD's I have
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