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Posted 29 November 2022

Apple Airpods with Wireless charging case Gen 2 £109 delivered @ Affordable Mobiles

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Apple airpods 2 with the wireless charging case.

The link takes you to all the apple accessories, but you will find some good prices for airpods, especially for the wireless charging case version.

A good deal since some people will prefer the fitting of the gen 2 compared to gen 3.
Other deals posted have cost more considering they are for the normal case and not the wireless charging case.
Affordable Mobiles More details at Affordable Mobiles
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    I prefer Gen 2’s to Gen3’s. The fit of 2’s is better for smaller ears. The quality of sound from Gen3’s is significantly better but if it doesnt stay in ones ear what’s the point of all that better quality sounds ?
    My SO found the same so we sold them to a friend. Although the mic doesn't work that well on the Gen 2.
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    Had a live chat today….
    Disgraceful customer service -
    Can’t guarantee delivery, up to 30 days for refund.
    Explained they are a Xmas prez and don’t have the money to just go and get another pair whilst waiting for the refund.
    Her reply -
    What do you want me to do about it?
    I have other customers so unless you have something else I’m going to end the chat!!
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    Anyone received a dispatch email for this yet?
    Ive messaged them they are out of stock and requested refund as they dont know when or if they will get in stock
  4. Avatar
    Ordered 27th still no dispatch email
    Shouldn’t be allowed to advertise & sell something they don’t have 😡
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    Be careful everyone! Just been on live chat. The air pods were never in stock and they have no idea if/when they ever will be. They tried to tell me that they have not taken any money yet from my account so I was not eligible for a refund. I had to argue with them that I could prove the full amount had been debited from my account! This is a complete scam!
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    Bought Thankyou. It’s the wireless case makes this a bargain. 
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    Glad I waited getting some AirPods! This is truly a bargain - thanks so much!
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    Thanks, been looking for a deal with the wireless charging case 👌🏻
  9. Avatar
    Anyone bought from here before? Thanks
    I ordered Sunday night and received it today
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    Quidco might be available too, mine just tracked at £27 presumably won’t get that much?!
  11. Avatar
    Tried to buy but checkout keeps failing.

  12. Avatar
    Bought thank you
  13. Avatar
    Great deal thanks
  14. Avatar
    Great price with wireless charging case. Another Xmas present sorted. Thanks
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    Showing at £119.00
    Looks like they have sold out now. The one that is £119 is for the standard charging case.
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    Did an online chat this morning with them.. apparently they are OOS with no idea if they will come back in stock
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    Just done live chat out of stock and up to 30 days for a refund

    48926286-7IuZD.jpg (edited)
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    30 days for refund? they told me 3-5
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    I bought the non wireless charging case version for £115 at John Lewis. Took a short while for them to arrive but arrived yesterday. 2 yrs JL guarantee also. I know it’s a bit more and less functional but effectively the same product.
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    I got my refund yesterday after they told me Saturday it was being dispatched, it never was...lesson learnt and will avoid them in future.
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    I was waiting for this as well... I got the answer from the live chat as it didn't cross my mind to check this thread. Lesson learned!
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    Same here, asked for a refund
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    Sadly, I had to cancel the order and get a refund as I was told; "Unfortunately I am actually unable to see an expected delivery date of this for you." by one of their advisors. Such a shame but oh, well.. This deal was too good to be true.