Apple Airport Express (not refurb) 79.99 @ Comet

Apple Airport Express (not refurb) 79.99 @ Comet

Found 4th Jan 2011
This is 83.00 from apple. This offer from comet is also available in store, (got one today). so if you have got a comet store near you why not pick one up from comet and save a few quid.


£56 for a refurb from apple 12 months warranty

Apparently the refurbs from Apple are new anyway (that's what someone on here said anyway).

But still expensive for what it is...wait, is that an apple badge I see on it? In that case it must be a bargain.

Great little item for streaming music around the house.

as already mentioned £56 for a refurb with 12 months warranty straight from apple.

Great item for bridging your wifi and for streaming audio around the house. We are putting one in to the nursery so we can stream music to the baby's room.
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