Apple airport express with airtunes - PC World - £14.99
Apple airport express with airtunes - PC World - £14.99

Apple airport express with airtunes - PC World - £14.99

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The original airport express with airtunes is at pc world for on £15! I use this to add on to my network as it has audio out and usb which makes my printer wireless and the audio can go into your hi-fi meaning wireless music from the computer to hi-fi.

Such a useful little device for the music and printer option, and it's a wireless router too! Makes a great portable router for travel, and for £15 it isn't a lot considering
RRP Was £59.99.

In store collection so if you're going by worth popping in for a check.


This mac only?

Great price but very scarce. You will be lucky to find one in stock.

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No pc and mac, airtunes works through itunes, there isn't a lot but i saw one or two last time i was in.

none in south wales

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I'd ignore the site and go in if you want one/if your going up near pc world anyway. Said wasn't any in at my local one, but I now there was couple in other day.

Phoned York - none in stock.

I saw this while searching for something else on PCWorld website - but couldn't find any stores that carried stock. Knowing that if stock levels are less than three, the online calculators are inaccurate, I hoped there might be one on the shelves of my local PC World and went to find out. The helpful bloke at the Mac counter dug one out of stock for me. It was the new Airport unit, using the 11n standard, and it's why PC World are flogging off the 11g cheap. But it looks like they all went a long time ago... The till swiped the new unit at the usual rrp, £70 or so.

Oh - and feedback on Amazon and even at Apple's online store is mixed... apparently the units have a habit of conking out after 18 months without explanation. Mind you for £15 I would have taken the risk.

grrrreat deal, and they work a treat, but theres none anywere. boooo!

edit: just text my mate who works at pcworld in hull, and theres none in the north east by the looks of it!

It's not £14.99, it's £14.97 ... and we all know what that means ...

Cold - none in stock in scotland. This is just exactly like the other mac deal that none were in stock. PC world are cack

Superb kit but no stock! Damn!


It's not £14.99, it's £14.97 ... and we all know what that means ...

That its 2p dearer?



That its 2p dearer?

That it is completely unavailable. .97 means there are either none in stock or it is impossible to find one in stock...

how come it says 29.97 for me?

Maybe because the original post was made over a month ago? ;-)
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