Apple "book" only £169... bargain of the century!
Apple "book" only £169... bargain of the century!

Apple "book" only £169... bargain of the century!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£169
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
attention all CrApple sheep... the must have next product of the year is a book... must have must have must have.... can this reach -99999 ?


-1 to start you off

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it's actually 169

Its actually £169.... but have some more ice!

And another from me. You'd have to be excessively rich and exceedingly boring to buy this.

At £24.99 it may have been worth a punt!

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people are voting hot ??? I can't amend the price on my mobile....

That's so S**t I think I'll buy 2 just because it's crapple!!

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thanks to whoever amended the price... why do the three dots take around 600 presses on Android

Massive Apple fan but £169 for a book ! Cold from me.

Voting hot on this is like voting cold normally.. this post is mixed up.. I love it

Thanks OP, bought one


Cold because i said it is....and you're a L*v*****l fan.


Massive Apple fan but £169 for a book ! Cold from me.

Your therapy is going well Mr. Gepw. Keep doing the exercises I showed you and in a month or two you should be able to say:

​"Massive Apple fan but £1,100 for a smartphone ! Cold from me."

.. with no adverse reactions or deep down guilt/inadequacy.

Refer often to this chart I supplied at the start of the treatment.


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There's even a £249 "Plus" edition for the "Hey, look at me! I got one up on you lot" crowd. Whatever next? A £49.99 silicone cover to keep it clean I guess.
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Looks like every one is voting this hot just because it's Apple.

There again it's just a photo album by the looks of it and costs £169 so not really great value for money.
You should just get the pictures yourself and have them printed for about £5 on vistaprint. It wouldn't be official but you'd have £164.99 left over to console yourself.

As requested, have some snow flakes!

Omg guys haha chill. It is intended for designers and design students. Apple said it. That said in academia you can get the university to buy it for you easily.
Anw i will play along and add some more ice bcz i wouldn't consider buying it even if it was a fiver.

Ice... Apple pricing is for those who deserve to be ripped off

Waiting for it to drop ~£2

Cheapest Macbook ever.

Too expensive yes Louise minchin is on countdown 2pm channel 4

Does it comes with Apple Care for 1 million years for that price?

I think I'll wait until it's available at all good branches of Poundland.

You might as well get a ipod touch at this price and it will last longer.

Next year they gonna do a new book which is 33% thinner and lighter, but it will cost another £100...


But this is a bargain!! RRP is £199 !!

Wonder if the covers crack if you put it in your back pocket.

Hahaha hahaha hahaha lemmings
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