Apple i-Book G4 (3 year gntee) - only £679.99

Apple i-Book G4 (3 year gntee) - only £679.99

Found 23rd Aug 2006
I'm not too sure about the price of these in general, but I think this is a good offer for the i-Book G4, with three year warranty and anti virus. It seems to be a pretty good spec, and when I search on froogle, theyall seem to be quite a bit dearer than this. So I'll post it and get some educated opinions on whether or not it's a good deal!

Details: iBook G4 has all the speed, storage, software and graphics you are looking for. It is small and light enough to slip in a backpack, it is tough enough to travel the world, and its long-lasting battery goes for hours. With powerful and innovative applications.

Processor: 1.42GHz PowerPC G4, Memory: 512MB DDR266 SDRAM, Hard drive: 60GB Ultra ATA hard drive, Screen: 14.1" TFT, Warranty: 3 year, Drives: Superdrive DVDRW/CD-RW.
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This seems a bad deal. The iBook G4 is discontinued and you can get a MacBook (with a MUCH MUCH faster Intel Core Duo CPU) for not much more... especially if you use the Higher Education Store which includes 3 years warranty by default now.
Hey Weavus, welcome to the Hotukdeals Forum!

You're exactly spot on with your post.... you seem to be quite knowledgeable about macs! :-)
All right, no problem guys! Shows what happens when I post a deal about something I don't have much knowledge about.... sorry!

And welcome here from me too Weavus.

Think that I must agree that this is not a good deal at all. The was a Mac Mini with G4 Processor on the BTShop web-site that i've been interested in, the item itself wasn't too badly priced but the BTShop could neither confirm what the exact specification of the model that was posted on their web-site neither could they honour the postage that was clearly illustrated on the product page. They seemingly charge £19.99 for PC/Mac orders regardless of the size or weight of the products. Hardly fair charging £19.99 for a Mac Mini G4 weighing only a matter of Kilos that's small in size compared to a complete desktop PC with base unit and CRT/LCD Monitor. Think that the BTShop need to re-think their prices on these items.
Some good deals on macbooks (£874.20) , macbook pro (£928+ depending on spec) and Intel mac minis (all gone now !) on the Apple refurb store today.…1.1

Usually a good selection of ipods too. All supplied boxed and at a good discount.

Worth checking since they seem to update each day and you never know what you'll find.
Your much better off shopping at the Higher Education store if you think you can get away with it (should be easy they don't check your credentials often, and most people know someone in education anyway).

]Apple HE Store - I think it sets a cookie when you visit this store so you need to clear your cookies to get back to the normal store.

Prices are around that of the refurb store but you get new products and free Apple Care 3 year warranties thrown in to boot (£200-£300 if bought on the normal store)!

For example you can get the low end MacBook with dual core 1.83 Intel processor for £643.90 at the HE store with 3 year warranty, the same on the normal store costs £948.00
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