Apple iPad 1 16GB WiFi Black - £99.95 +del - Morgan Computers

Apple iPad 1 16GB WiFi Black - £99.95 +del - Morgan Computers

Found 13th Dec 2015
Apple iPad 1 16GB WiFi Black - £99.95 - Morgan Computers

Grade A2

Not bad for an ipad. First kids tablet xmas prezzie maybe etc??

Plus delivery charge

£106.94 delivered
- rodman
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Perfect gift for someone you hate.
Not worth it IMO, stuck on iOS6 with limited App support. Any catch up service like BBC iPlayer/All4 etc will likely not work.
Thought it may suit someone. But heyho
Ooo. Cold:{
Hate morgan computers
Bought blackberry playbook from them
Described as A grade, came with big scratch on the screen, very wobbly USB port, died after a few months and refused to charge.
Can't be bothered sending it back but I never buy anything else from them
Nice paperweight lol

ive still got my original ipad that i bought on launch (never upgraded!) and it still works fine for internet/email/youtube


£100 for a tablet with 256Mb RAM, that's only good for surfing the web and no more is a bit much
I had an IPad 1 for a week, and couldn't install any apps on there, as now hardly any apps are compatible with the version of IOS this is stuck on.
I would avoid, and make sure you buy at least an IPad 2 up.
Its a good find but so many better cheaper android alternatives out there for new! I would defo rather pick up a 2013 Nexus for around the same price
I tried to educate an 82 year old relative on how to use his Ipad but I ended up smashing the bloody thing. infuriating machine.
Do not buy. I relegated my iPad 1 to my son. It's totally useless. Doesn't load any of the latest apps, or even moderately recent.

Put the money instead towards a more modern pad.

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Ipad 2 is kind of borderline useful these days.
Got completely burned by Apple for being a £599 early adopter of the iPad. Never has such an expensive piece of technology been obsolete so quickly.
Possibly the worst company to buy from (apart from that one selling iPhones on Ebay)
I tried resurrecting an old iPad 1 for my mum to use a year or so ago. It's such a shame that developers don't leave legacy versions of popular apps available to download (this may be a forced thing from Apple - I don't know) from the App Store.

Although Safari does work, it is a very frustrating and slow user experience. Much better out there for the money. You can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for the same price.
come again?
I wouldnt buy one but if you have an old one then jailbreak, install kodi/xbmc (forget which version is available) and a few emulators if you want to make some use out of it
Think this is the coldest xmas post ever!
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