Apple iPad 1 - £312.55 Delivered (with code) @ Dixons (+ Possible 6% Quidco)

Apple iPad 1 - £312.55 Delivered (with code) @ Dixons (+ Possible 6% Quidco)

Found 27th Apr 2011
Quidco at Dixons has just been increased to 6% for the holiday weekend. There are also a range of 5% discount codes for the iPad 1 range. I chose the one for the base 16GB WiFi model - IPAD165 - this brings the price to £312.55. Adding in the 6% cashback on this amount takes off a further £18.75 bringing the price down to £293.80. This is only marginally above the current apple refurb price which I think is a pretty good deal. Apple haters please scroll on by.


For a little extra, you can get a better processor, dual camera and better screen.
Plus no flash, so some internet content wont even play on these ipads

u mean ipad2?


u mean ipad2?

has the leader of the dark side approved flash for ipads? if so please provide link.........

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Pity about the cold votes - I thought this would appeal to some out there! I have to admit if I could get an android tab which delivers as good a user experience as iOS does, I would snap it up. Even the Xoom, which I've had a play with is a bit laggy in comparison and it's more expensive than the iPad 2. Perhaps the upcoming Samsung 10.1 and 8.9 Honeycomb tablets will deliver. The current range of android apps for tablets is also incredibly limited.

I don't think your final price can include Quidco so needs to be £312.55 price on the deal. Can't see why cold though, Ipad 1 will do most people, although I personally would go for a Ipad 2 is buying new
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