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Posted 19 November 2023

Apple iPad 9th Gen, 10.2 Inch, WiFi, 64GB in Space Grey,

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Deal starts 20/11/2023

- Gorgeous 10.2-inch Retina display with True Tone
- A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine
- 8MP Wide back camera, 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Centre Stage
- 64GB storage

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Yes, iPad does that. And more.

Powerful. Easy to use. Versatile. The new iPad has a beautiful 10.2-inch Retina display, powerful A13 Bionic chip, an Ultra Wide front camera with Centre Stage, and works with Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.1 iPad lets you do more, more easily. All for an incredible price.

Additional Features

  • Stereo speakers
  • Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life3
  • Lightning connector for charging and accessories
  • Works with Apple Pencil (1st generation) and Smart Keyboard1
  • iPadOS 15 is uniquely powerful, easy to use, and designed for the versatility of iPad


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  1. Timbrad10's avatar
    You also get a £10 voucher off your next online shop from Costco if you order by 27th November.

    This is emailed to you 10 business days after the promotion ends and valid until 31st January 2024.
    CenturionConstruct's avatar
    Do you qualify if you order BY the 27th or BY THE END OF the 27th?
  2. DC002's avatar
    Is this the latest model iPad?
    rharper83's avatar
    No, it's the 2021 model. 10th Gen is the latest. Still fully supported by Apple though.
  3. dryo29's avatar
    I was looking for a cheap iPad. Thank you / Decent price

    Personal experience: I used iPad Pro 11 - 4th gen and iPad - 9th gen (this device) before, with compatible Apple pencils.

    The iPad - 9th gen is good enough for 90% of the users. It will give you the flexibility to take notes, watch YouTube videos, and read PDFs en route. More sturdy, less heavy, and with a headphone jack.

    The only real advantage of the newest iPad (10th gen) would be a magnetic pencil, I think it is not worth the price difference (unless if you are not a hopeless type-c addict).

    The are many advantages of the iPad Pro lineup but it is a different story (edited)
    AndersPanders's avatar
    FYI - New (USB-C) pencil does not have the pressure sensitivity that the gen 1 and 2 do.
  4. cantonbean's avatar
    SEYMCY for iPad 9th 8th 7th Generation Case, iPad Case 10.2 inch Shockproof Sturdy Cover with 360 Rotating Hand Strap/Pencil Holder/Screen Protector/Stand, Heavy Duty iPad 9/8/7 Case 2021/2020, Black amzn.eu/d/0…Fvc

    Just thought I’d add if you’re buying this for a younger person these cases are absolutely amazing for the money. It really does everything you could want from a case!
  5. Redtraveller1's avatar
    Does anyone know the warranty with Costco on this
    cantonbean's avatar
    2 years on iPads I believe (as long as you keep your membership). You can even take anything back within 90 days to Costco if you’re not happy.

    costco.co.uk/con…ces (edited)
  6. TP08's avatar
    Where on the Costco website does it state that it starts tomorrow, is there a link to other items which go on sale tomorrow ? (edited)
    cantonbean's avatar
    In terms of smaller electronics those are the only things on the email.
  7. mashedpotato's avatar
    This or a refurb 2019 for £100 less? I think I know the answer but I need the sound advice from the random collective voice of the internet please!
    cantonbean's avatar
    Depends where the refurbished one is from? Unless it’s from Apple direct it’s not refurbished just used Giff Gaff like new are great too. I suppose you have to factor in the 2 year warranty and 90 day returns at Costco but £100 is £100!
  8. Bekah_James's avatar
    How coz I send this link and its not vat so they declined and tried to price match cosco they said no its a member based company
  9. lynseym01's avatar
    Managed to get one at Edinburgh store this morning. 1 present done for the kids.
  10. AndersPanders's avatar
    My Costco online membership has expired, any deals / codes on a renewal or just eat the £15 extra? (edited)
    Haircut_100's avatar
    Just pay the £15. If you buy this you’ll also get a £10 voucher of your next online order so just see that as helping to cover the cost of the renewal somewhat.
  11. Abhijeet_A's avatar
    Is the instore and online price same for this iPad? generally Online is more expensive
    wadepayne's avatar
    Same price
  12. joependlebury's avatar
    Spotted this in the Costco Derby warehouse today, too.
    cantonbean's avatar
    I bet not but did they have any of the base line MacBook Pro 14 for 1099 in? I managed to get one but my friend wants one too. I would go myself to look but mainly housebound.
  13. myjunkmail_account's avatar
    Birmingham Costco has loads. Picked one up now. Thanks for sharing
  14. south07's avatar
    Seems to be available again online. Just managed to order one.
    CenturionConstruct's avatar
    Did you get granted (qualify for) the ‘£10 off offer’ voucher?
  15. Bungle2's avatar
    Hopefully an amazon price match on this
    mbailey's avatar
    Do they normally price match Costco deals?
  16. Jayporsche0's avatar
    Great deal commenting from my new iPad purchased this morning!
  17. Grumpy_womble's avatar
    Stitch123's avatar
    Says on the post it starts tomorrow.
  18. rharper83's avatar
    This is now live, and showing at that price once you add it to your basket.
  19. tommywalker1's avatar
    Purchased, thanks for this
  20. Ironthroneking's avatar
    This or Samsung S9 FE for £359 on Very?

    I’m not loyal to either android or iOS, so that doesn’t bother me
    arora's avatar
    I have this tablet but doesn't like screen and performance. Also its not future proof from many software updates. Lot of youtubers give great reviews but it feels old tech. I agree its good deal at this price but not great tech anymore
  21. stevietheplumber2810's avatar
    Got mine thanks for the post
  22. Mark3270's avatar
    Damn .. no Costco’s anywhere near me (Cornwall) ..

    Fingers crossed other retailers will price match
    wadepayne's avatar
    Gave me the option for free delivery

    Also copy the link on cost co. Then go to Currys or better Google Currys price match and chat to a live agent. They will price match it. (edited)
  23. bailey87's avatar
    The dreaded 64gb
    Jez_Quiggley's avatar
    Indeed. I don’t think you need TBs of storage but this isn’t enough for me personally
  24. TwoJs's avatar
    One of my kids has a 6th gen which I wouldn't mind upgrading, but he has 128GB version, downgrading to 64GB is a pain, oh Apple why are you so greedy.
    cantonbean's avatar
    It’s games that are the killer. We have been doing fine between my Plex server and Netflix standard. Most companies limit the amount you can download anyway! You’ll laugh but the madness of Netflix is a 3 minute episode of Sunny bunnies counts the same as a 4K HDR download on my iPad Pro It’s ridiculous that paying for a 4k package on all these services gets such low download allowances as a family!
  25. Bluimp's avatar
    Just grabbed this in store
    user072022's avatar
    same here but I did it online for that extra £10 voucher
  26. MusicmanJP's avatar
    Is there still no Stremio, Retroach or ad-free YouTube on iOS? Struggling to think what I could be doing on this for entertainment and for productivity what I wouldn't rather do on a laptop
    greenant's avatar
    For the sake of a quid per month I just use the official YouTube app. 
  27. cypher007's avatar
    nearest costco 50 miles away. but apparently its cheaper to live in the arse end of nowhere.
    cantonbean's avatar
    Over the last 15 years I’ve seen Derby turn into the cesspit of nowhere but we have a Costco at least
  28. wenx's avatar
    Just managed to get the price difference reimbursed from my two ipad purchases from September £42 x 2 😃.... Think I was lucky 🍀
    harwinder.kaur's avatar
    How. My sister bought a TV that dropped price mow by £300. Does he need to pack it and take back to Costco or just call them?
  29. AVJaysonAV's avatar
    Shame there’s no offers on the iPad Mini
  30. Derbytilidie's avatar
    Picked up a couple for the grandparents at the Derby Costco, plenty in stock.
  31. toptom007's avatar
    Why is this so hot when you can get it for £249.99 elsewhere? Do they pricematch?
    amz84uk's avatar
    Can you guide me to where it's available for £249.99 please?

    I'm not a Costco member, so trying to determine where I could purchase this from.
  32. quigley61's avatar
    Is this an online only deal or is it also available in store?
    smile00700's avatar
  33. Lambee's avatar
    Thank you OP, time to replace my old iPad
  34. timmyboy147's avatar
    I do not have a Costco anywhere near me. Is it worth signing up for the £15 online membership to purchase this? Don’t think I’ll use Costco afterwards to be honest.
    Timbrad10's avatar
    The iPad is £30 cheaper than anywhere else at the moment and you get a free £10 voucher on another purchase. They sell a wide range of items so you would be able to spend the £10 voucher on something useful. You would also have the membership for another year and you never know you might find something else on offer over the year. On that basis I think it is worth the membership fee this time.
  35. Mswee23's avatar
    Great deal, ordered for Christmas 🤶 
  36. djtezz's avatar
    Anyone know if they have many of these in store? Dont want to go and them not have any stock - Liverpool or Haydock
  37. cantonbean's avatar

    Quite a useful video (American prices don’t include tax) (edited)
  38. feival's avatar
    Where is there a reference to the additional £10 off? I can see it anywhere.
    Timbrad10's avatar
    It’s not an additional £10 off. You get a voucher for £10 off your next purchase sent to you after you buy the iPad (or anything over £100).
  39. ekko.star's avatar
    This Ipad 9 or the Samsung Tab S9 deal doing the rounds at the moment ?

    Which tablet to go for?
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