Apple iPad mini Smart Cover £29.00 @ Asda Direct

Apple iPad mini Smart Cover £29.00 @ Asda Direct

Found 22nd Jan 2013
Official Apple Smart Cover for iPad mini.

Cheapest price from UK retailer at the moment so thought I'd share on here - hopefully we won't start the evil Apple slanging match on this thread.

Free collect from store option.

All colours except Blue in stock at time of posting.

Hope this helps.
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I suppose if it is the cheapest around Its a good deal but still its a bit steep for a cover isn't it are you not just better with a third party one?
what is so 'smart' about these covers that make them cost £29?
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what is so 'smart' about these covers that make them cost £29?

It's got Apple on it ;-)

Seriously this is the cheapest I could find and lots of stock.
They are 'smart' because they conserve the battery power when closed, and the material prevents any scuffs and scratches from getting on the screen.

I am Apple all they way, but still wouldn't pay this!! However that doesn't make it a bad deal, if you wanted one this is a good price. Have some heat.
Good deal, bad price. If that makes sense. Heat.
Cold apple deal
See what I mean...
Good price. If you want the smart power & no scratch hinge - this is a deal.

I ordered a Chinese copy & the fit was poor as well as the hinge being nasty...
I just received my chinapple version, for my retina ipad, cost me 5.99 instead of 39.99, off somewhere on eBay, very surprised how good quality it is! (It's not apple-build-quality, but its not one-eighth-of-the-price-quality......)

Just buy a chinapple version, you've already spent too much on the real apple ipad.....

whilst I'm happy to pay more money for quality apple products (mac's, ipads ect) their accessories are ridiculously priced. I got one of these off ebay for about a fiver and it is just as good as the "official" one
All colours now in stock
£25 at CEX.

£25 at CEX.

Please post link to stock cause we can all say cheaper elsewhere but that's no good if no stock.
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