Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display, 16GB, Wi-Fi in Silver £292.99 @ Electrical123

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display, 16GB, Wi-Fi in Silver £292.99 @ Electrical123

Found 16th Feb 2014
I through this was a great deal I haven't seen many of these at this price.
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With Free delivery
Thanks for sharing, I've added the price & retailer to your deals title as it helps people to see your deal better
Is Amazon a uk model.
Thanks you Bigflump
what a surprise, apple deals voted cold !
Why is it voted so cold for, Ive been searching all afternoon and found this to be a good price,
OP its nothing to do with it being a good price, there a loads of nice helpful members but there are a significant number of who wouldnt give you a hot vote if you paid them
Thanks Rexryan2011, Thats sad really. Never mind.
Great tablet and nice price. Voted hot.

He says as he types this post from one
@smilehappydayss it's strange, you can see deals where a 30p grocery item has 5p off voted into the hundreds but a saving of 10s or hundreds of pounds on some electricals and they are way into the minus. Perhaps because the voters don't like the item , perhaps because they can get it from hong kong with no warranty and a US plug for 5 quid less (but then pay excise duty / vat) or perhaps some other reason I have yet to speculate on but don't let it put you off. There will always be someone looking to save something so post what you find and ignore the ratings.
Thanks @bl4ck4dd3r for the update, I will leave the apple bargains in the future lol
I personally would prefer to pay full price on John Lewis to have 2 years warranty. But voted hot for being Apple. Excellent product and after service. Tks op.
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