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Apple IPad Pro 12.9 M1 Refurbished £849 @ Apple Store

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It has arrived in the Apple refurb store at last, from 128GB to 2TB. Includes the M1 chip for those wanting a upgrade that don’t wish to buy the M2.

Cash back available via Quidco and top-cash back.
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    Would be useful to add in that it's the 12.9 inch version in the title for those who have saved searches.
    The 11 inch WiFi is £639
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    Have the 4th Gen completely gone from the refurbished store now?
    Stock changes regularly. You can use the following site to set up an alert for when they are next in stock -
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    The link says, "The product you’re looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

    Is it expired? (edited)
    They tend to go "off sale" overnight and re-appear the next working day.
    Suggest you try again in the morning
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    I have the first version of the iPad Pro in this style, think it’s 2018. Still going strong and an amazing unit.  Absolutely love it, best tab ever (my opinion only and not a fan boy). 
    I have the original which I think is from 2015 actually.

    It’s without question the best piece of tech I’ve ever bought, in terms of quality and it lasting this long without any issues.

    Just noticed some light bleed when watching a widescreen movie (so the black panels are at the top and bottom), but I’m happy to keep my version until it dies, using most days I’ve 100% had my moneys worth out of it. As tempting as this offer is!
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    I dream of the day when you plug in a keyboard it switches to Mac OS, kinda like how the Samsung tablets switches to Samsung Dex. That or they just release a pro version with Mac OS.....
    iPad Pro Pro
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    Cold for me, I grabbed a brand new 12.9 (128gb) M1 with 5G on eBay for £700. Also the M2 version price comes down as well.
    do you have a link? if its some sort of rare one off deal, it would make no sense to compare it to this.
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    I have the 2020 12.9 which was the last one before the M1 and it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned, incredibly snappy and can do anything in a flash. The M1 version must be ridiculously good!

    Definitely recommend this size for a tablet.
    I wish it could replace a PC but it's still a long way off yet. Even the M1 tablet is still only a glorified tablet with no desktop apps - so the M1 is pretty much a waste atm.
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    Decent deal.

    Makes me feel even better about snagging my M2 from CEX.
    Same … got 12.9 m2 128gb cell for £900 . Brand new, apparently bought in the day before. Which was right as the apple warranty started the day before as well
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    Agreed with the sentiment here, definitely not a an Apple fanboy, yet my 4th Gen re-furb 12.9 Ipad Pro is a quality product, gets daily use at home.

    And when travelling for work, it has a professional role as a 2nd screen, can't recommend Duet Display enough.
    Used to be a pants app, overloading the PC but since a re-spin is a delight to use and now even lets me 3rd screen at home when needed.
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    Thanks for posting, been looking for 1 of these for a while and they seem to be like gold dust for a decent price. I have never had issues buying refurb iphones or ipads previously from Apple - customer service was great and 1 year warranty (same as new), its a winner for me. This version is pretty much identical to the new one just with the M1 rather than M2 processor and i'm no power user, so this will last me a while whilst costing considerably less than the price-hiked £1200-£1249 for the 6th Gen (same spec).
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    The 12.9” Mini-LED screen on these is amazing. Paired with with the Magic Keyboard its a great bit of kit.
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    Sold my 2021 12.9 M1 256GB on eBay for £800, purchased the 2022 12.9 M2 1TB for £2200 from the Apple website. No notable improvements, even exporting ProRes via Davinci, realised it was overkill and returned it to Apple within 10 days. Purchased a 2021 12.9 M1 1TB from eBay for £800. My conscience is clear and I am extremely satisfied. Bear in mind that both the 2021 and 2022 12.9 iPad 128, 256 and 512 ship with 8GB RAM, whereas 1, 2 TB ship with 16GB RAM and higher memory bandwidth. (edited)
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    I'm prepared to be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you still need either a Windows PC/laptop with iTunes installed or a Mac and use the finder app, in order to add or remove any music or photos.
    That alone, makes it difficult if your aim is to use an iPad as your main computer. The requirement to have another computer to sync content, makes the iPad a companion device. You could in theory use iCloud to get content on and off, but that requires a monthly subscription. You can get documents on and off using external hard drives and the like,, but Apple's Files app leaves a lot to be desired.
    This is all deliberate from Apple of course. Giving the iPad that kind of basic funtionality would lead to the canibilsation of Mac sales.
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    M1 is a tablet game changer!
    In what way?
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    The 4th gen was £580 while this is £850? Not worth the price difference imo
    Yeah, I thought that too…I’m keeping my 2019 pro for a bit longer I think.

    Still works fine… not really struggled with anything and battery life still good,  but could do with the larger screen… 
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    Potential £80 back on Amex (on Apple Store purchases over £800)
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    I have the M1 11" and whilst its future proofing, I still don't think Apple has utilised it enough yet with iPadOS

    I do use it for productivity more than I use it for consumption, using things like Affinity Photo (which its very good at) but Im still a bit annoyed at the fact things like Final Cut Pro is not available for it.

    None the less a very good price, so heat.
    Davinci resolve is now available with all the full features
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    Soon I will need to sell a kidney for Apple product lol
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    Fab tablets got the 12.9 m1 1TB
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    I was looking for the m1 for ages on apple’s refurb site. I ended up paying around 760 for an m1 new when the m2 came out and everyone stopped selling the m1 versions.

    I was looking for the 12 inch but nowhere had them for a reasonable price once the m2 came out.