Apple iPad USB Charge & Sync Docking Cradle - £4.99 delivered @ 7dayshop
Apple iPad USB Charge & Sync Docking Cradle - £4.99 delivered @ 7dayshop

Apple iPad USB Charge & Sync Docking Cradle - £4.99 delivered @ 7dayshop

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Hi Guys, hope this is useful to someone. found it whilst looking for something else. Seems like a good price but no idea if it will be any good or not.


Cheaper on ebay (From UK Aswell), voted hot though

Got a link for the ebay ones ?

A good price, but a word of warning. I got a cheap one of these from EBay (same shape) and the connector stopped working after approx. 20 docks. I got a different one from EBay and this died quickly too. In the end I stumped up for the (overpriced) official Apple one and it's fine. You can tell its made to a different standard.
The iPad is a pretty heavy beast and these cheap ones tend to just be old iPhone strength connectors repackaged inside a bigger enclosure and therefore aren't really strong enough for the task and the weight of the iPad just pulls the connector off the circuit board.
I used my Apple one inside my Dockintosh.
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i noticed they also have iphone 4 dock/cradles for £7.99 i think. black ones, with a photo to show the iphone 4 actually works in it. that's the cheapest i've seen for a iphone 4 dock that isn't really a 3g dock (and doesn't fit properly)


Confucious was supposed to have uttered, “Good ‘fings no cheap”, and “Cheap ‘fings no good”, but that was only before fashion, oka religion, got into every’fings people touch. Thereafter, you won’t know which is what until you’d tried it which is what “Stealth Thievery Through Multiplicity of Choice” wants - start a riot and pick a Patsy when Exposure is knocking at the door. One thing, however, is for certain for those who use their eyes for sight and not their ears, and that is when there is real quality, the seller won’t offer a one liner description. You don’’t sell a Roller by describing it as having 4 wheels and tyres, a tarted rust box, why of course. But then, when too much [irrelevant] details are on the table, those who use their ears to see, will lap-up every little detail offered for grooming their wanton/unrequited desires. Like if their favourite “Star” ever goes to the toilet because then, “He could be an angel”.

For what it costs the “Chinese” to make these ho-ha’s, it could easily have been quality for all but factor-in “taxation” of all sorts, and it won’t be. Of course, the “Chinese” [those who use their eyes to see] are numbed at the fact that they have slaved-away, choked-N-smoked, and be-demonised, all to enable some Chosen Few “over there” to take the glory when their trick works out or be the brunt of all sins when it doesn’t. They’ve got almost nothing out of the deal other than to be able to live for the next day and any “wealth” accrued is only because their just dues are being stashed away by their “masterly” breathrens - not to mention the shifting of the “Geenhouse” blame. It is like the minimally paid but overly worked servant of the house, whilst taking out yesterday’s “nightsoil”, was fingered by some Chosen Few and his tag-alongs as “Soiling our community”. You really can’t get more Chosen Few than that and reality, being always within and not without, the real finger point to the tag-along puppets. Cunning-kum-cruelty is always there but you don’t have to give it voice, and accepting or denying, oka “Attachments”, is giving wickedness a voice/vote. As always, the message and not the messenger and soon, the message will only be about Reality, not Relativity.

Confucious he really said, “Cheap things only good when buyers no buy expensive things, good or no good”. There, Hollywood, Fu Manchu, Charlie Chan and Chosen Few Anglo-Saxony down the chute - with no parachute.

Thanks. Ordered one



Got a link for the ebay ones ?

Item number: 120601242569

My bad, didnt notice this was for IPAD!!! I thought it was for ipod

This is a pain if you have the apple case for the iPad as it wont charge in any dock while its still in its case, so its a pain having to take it in and out to charge it. so If you dont want any of that palava, just keep using the cable.

Just bought one. Thanks
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