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Posted 27 September 2022

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB Mobile Phone Refurbished Good Condition - £339.99 With Code @ Music Magpie / eBay

£339.99£414.9918% off
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£339.99 with code DEAL20, ends tomorrow

About this item
  • 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display
  • Water and dust resistant (4 metres for up to 30 minutes, IP68)
  • Triple-camera system with 12MP Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras; Night mode, Portrait mode, and 4K video up to 60fps
  • 12MP TrueDepth front camera with Portrait Mode, 4K video, and Slo-Mo
  • Face ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
  • A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine

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  1. Avatar
    Is good condition with music magpie risky ?
    I purchased this 2 weeks ago for same price and returned it, there was one scratch so deep you could feel it when moving finger around the screen, was super distracting. Has to return it
  2. Avatar
    I have bought 11 "good" phones from them over the last 5 years (I have teenagers!). I have sent 2 of those back on arrival due to low battery health (sub 85%) and one as it had replacement screen. The others have been excellent and several absolutely mint.

    I have had 2 go wrong over the 1 year guarantee, one after 11.5 months and they have honoured the guarantee both times no issues and given full refund.

    Nothing wrong with this merchant provided you check the screen to ensure it is an original and the battery health is a bit of a lottery
    Perhaps a silly question but how do you know if it’s the original screen?
  3. Avatar
    Plus £69 for new battery at Apple.
    I remember the that time when they did £25 battery change
  4. Avatar
    Bought one last time this offer was on a few weeks ago. Went back last week because half the screen was blank and a warning kept popping up once I’d updated to iOS 16 that the screen was aftermarket
  5. Avatar
    I recently returned a phone to music magpie and they refunded me only half the price saying I didn’t delete the phone from my iCloud account, I’ve returned phones to music magpie before and this has never happened. Anyone got any advice? I’ve since deleted the phone from my iCloud and am waiting for the rest of the refund, but it still seems bizarre.
    Go to trustpilot with the order number and kick up a fuss. Will soon get sorted.
  6. Avatar
    Can’t lie prefer this phone over my 13 Pro Max & now 14 Pro Max.. more comfortable to hold. If I didn’t drop it in water I’d still have it to this day.

    Put a new Battery in fantastic phone with easily 3-4 years of software updates left. (edited)
    You are right. It’s the best iphone considering size, form factor, speed and other things with the later generations. It just works!!
    The 14 pro max is on another level this. Super smooth and spot on modern specs
  7. Avatar
    is 64GB enough though even with iCloud storage?
    Im on a 64gb iPhone. New IOS is 8gb and my system data is 12gb, so thats 20 gone already to give you an idea. For me though its fine, only have music and a couple of games after that, no social media / heavy apps etc
  8. Avatar
    I purchased an XS from music magpie in ‘good condition’ and to be fair it was pretty much mint. Battery was only 80% though but it was a really good price so I factored a battery change into it. That was a year ago though and I still haven’t bothered doing it
  9. Avatar
    I got one of these for a similar price earlier in the year. It’s replaced my iPhone 12 and has pretty much the same features but better battery life. I bought another for a family member and both were ‘good condition’ had 100% and 97% battery life and one had no marks at all and the other had one small scratch that was invisible when phone screen on.

    Plus keep finding amazing deals on top quality phone cases. Have an official leather Apple one from mymemory for £9 and a mous one for similar.
  10. Avatar
    Also noticed if you want quicker delivery can change postage to 24 hour tracked extra 1.99 however
  11. Avatar
    Instead of paper? You're an animal.
  12. Avatar
    128gb and I’d be all over this
    Just bought the 11 Pro Max 256gb for £337 from music magpie on eBay with a discount code!
  13. Avatar
    pixel 6 is also arouind this price
    Tricky choice. I dumped an 11 pro for the Pixel 5 and didn't regret it as the camera was better for me (photos) but this seems kind of expensive for a 3 year old phone that probably needs a battery.
  14. Avatar
    Bought mine a year ago from magpie, went for 512gb. Good phone and excellent camera. It arrived with 89% battery health, now at 86% after having it a year (phone is just over 2 years old now). I guess optimised charging works well. 
    How do you charge yours? I murder battery health!
  15. Avatar
    Best iPhone I’ve ever had. Wish I’d stuck with it. Hate the 13, and 14 is basically a copy and paste of it!
    What's wrong with the 13? Just out of curiosity.
  16. Avatar
    Add in a new battery and not too bad, no 120hz though
    Not even the 12 pro max has 120hz screen
  17. Avatar
    So tempting at this price nice upgrade from my xr I think never used music magpie before though
    Musicmagpie I am using it for 5 years now and never had issues brilliant even with returns
  18. Avatar
    That phones is really holding it's price well
    it's still insanely good
  19. Avatar
    This is the same price as a few months ago, good phone though, heat!
  20. Avatar
    Got the 512gb version of this phone. Still fast, great resolution, fantastic camera. Really good buy at this price. I’ll probably get my battery replaced soon and keep it another 2-3 years.
  21. Avatar
    What does refurbished actually mean? Is it a quick wipe with a cleaning solution or do they actually go under the hood?
    Hate the thought of using someone else's mingy phone but the price of these things has me tentatively peeking. Always have visions of the previous owner sitting on the bog scrolling on it 🤢🤮
    As another comment has mentioned, they don't seem to be "refurbished" apart from having a quick wipe down and a factory reset along with a quick diagnostic run. I would call it refurbished if they at least replaced the battery but they do not do so.
  22. Avatar
    Far too expensive for a second hand old tech good condition phone
  23. Avatar
    11 pro max is 4gb ram. 12, 13 and 14 pro max are 6GB ram.

    Something to keep in mind
    Doesn't really make that much of a difference on iOS tbh. You just won't be able to have as many apps suspended as on the newer models.
  24. Avatar
    I bought a iphone pro max 256gb from 4gadgets super clean
  25. Avatar
    Great phone, terrible merchant, avoid
  26. Avatar
    I got an immaculate 256gb off Amazon a week ago I love it £549 - returned my boxy 14 pro for it! Though this is a great deal I love the extra storage I have! 64gb is not enough really 
  27. Avatar
    just managed to get this for £298
    How? Thanks in advance.
  28. Avatar
    Does anyone think there iphones earpiece is quiet? When on call find it hard to hear. (Not had this issue on my previous Samsung phone).