Apple iphone 4 32gb 75mins 300txts 500mb internet £25 x 24 months FREE PHONE
Apple iphone 4 32gb 75mins 300txts 500mb internet £25 x 24 months FREE PHONE

Apple iphone 4 32gb 75mins 300txts 500mb internet £25 x 24 months FREE PHONE

Buy forBuy forBuy for£600
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
As above.. a 32Gb iphone 4 with 24 months contract £600

Click on the link below and go straight to checkout on the right hand side dont add to basket as it is already in there!

Beat that?? Hopefully the link works ok



Link not working?!

Link doesn't work

Neither the direct link or the one posted in your thread take you to anywhere with any details at all.

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give me 5 mins to see if i can work out a direct link


can and worms spring to mind !

Scorchio if true

that screenshot is for 75 mins, not 300. Also 250 texts, not 3000!!!
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Too good to be true!

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Yeah I made a mistake.. 75mins and 250txts and 500mb internet phone still free


Sorry guys

£309 ??

they want £309 for the phone when I try it

iPhone 4 32GB Black
24 months, 75 minutes, 250 texts , 500 MB mobile internet data
Includes 1GB wi-fi with BT Openzone.
£25 per month


The only way you're going to get the phone for free is if you're paying £60 p/m on the 24 month contract or £65 p/m on the 18 month contract; thats for the 16GB version...unless I'm missing something.

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look at the screenshot the phone is FREE i just need to work out how to post it?

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You can go to checkoytr and its still there

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ITS £309 - look at the phone cost. The phone is not free so v cold!!

works if you copy and paste the entire link, but has already been posted

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look at the basket on the side of that link it says phone FREE then go to checkout

it works...UNTIL you add the calling plan after which it will charge you £309 and only then can you proceed to the checkout

The phone costs £309 when you select the plan...

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in basket there with calling plan?

Im trying to get a deal to go hot if its not i couldnt care less. If this can be genuine and can help some people out then great

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you've ordered yours then chrisharry? can we have a screenshot of your conf email?

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Who said i was ordering one? I dont need one.. i saw a similar deal posted and had a play to see if i could get it cheaper. if your looking to buy one try it yourself. gotta be worth a try?

ive had the deal above,but it changed a few hours ago,mine has been despatched on above offer so hot hot hot from me

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can you post your recipt serpico to prove its genuine?

Just use this link >

yeah surely they'll notice in the end though and charge you for the mobile!

it only works by following that link, its clearly an error so nothing to see here at all. No chance in hell are they going to honour that at a £300 loss. move on..

people had their ordered processed ^ worth a punt

I have given it a try, highely unlikely it will be honoured, not voted so far...


This is true, and has been posted … This is true, and has been posted already[url=http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/iphone-4-32gb-on-vodafone-free-phon/838225?page=4]http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/iphone-4-32gb-on-vodafone-free-phon/838225?page=4[/url]

Sorry, I realise the deal is 'different', but it's the same glitch, and that post contains more information about how to manipulate the URL in order to get a free iPhone with any of the tariffs.

Its been achieved by messing with (changing) the SKU ID's directly within the link to manipulate the phone and plan selections. Here is s link to a free Iphone4 and a better plan for £30.


Looks like the fault has been fixed now...

posted already

Still there for me!

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yeah still there if anyone wants to try it
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