Apple iphone 5 5s usb lightning connector charger compatible £1 @ Poundland

Apple iphone 5 5s usb lightning connector charger compatible £1 @ Poundland

Found 27th Oct 2013
iPhone 5 or 5s lightning connector charger

not sure how good this is, assuming it works, this seems like a good deal!
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Sadly unlikely to work well with os7. Annoying pop up messages
I'm sad to say original is the best. Shame as I like to have spares
Cheap fake chinese crap. Do not buy, it's dangerous to your phone at least.
Yep, most likely won't work with iOS 7
Bought it last week and works fine with iphone 5s and no pop up measage either but remember to buy the one which also state iphone 5s.
Didn't work on my 5s
tried to get these yesterday in lpool poundland, was told they have been recalled
These take forever to charge the phone
I have one of these and they work with ios 7
You have to be careful with these cheap chargers they r thought to cause fires!!
Cheap s**t.
Mine broke 3 days after buying it don't wanna pay full price for a real one!

Yep, most likely won't work with iOS 7

Works fine on my iphone 5 ios 7.0.3 as an emergency charger just acknowledge the message.
Bought one... Never worked
Bought two last week from Poundland (definitely not 99p Store) and they DO NOT work.

So disappointing that they can be sold for so cheap but Apple insist you buy their own cables at rediculous prices
Mix and match I had one in a white wrapper and works without a hitch. Bought a card mounted version and gave warnings. Would be interested if Apple refuse a repair of device if it has logged an unofficial cable.
Bought one a while back. Does not work with my 5s - after acknowledging the warning it stops charging - and now starting to play up with my iPad on iOS6. I have to wiggle and bend the cable to get a connection.

Poundworld now sells a 30 pin to lightning adapter. Does not work with iOS7 and will not charge on iOS6 but I could mount my iPad under Ubuntu with it.
Doesn't work don't buy
I bought one of these leads a couple of days ago and today was told there is a recall on them. At least one of the messages above (flipper118) was posted over a year ago stating that there was a recall! Isn't it totally irresponsible of Poundland to carry on selling these dangerous leads?
Absolute sh**e !! Had 3 of these pound shop ones in the past 3 weeks. The first one was a white cable and broke in 3 days. (Nothing broke off or anything it just stopped working) another white one broke in a week and the one im currently using, a pink cable, takes the full on p*ss out my life. ! Comes up with warnings then makes me turn off my phone turn it back on switch the charger to lots of different plug sockets and if i take it out its the same process again taking me around an hour to put my phone on charge ( no exaggeration!!! ) and with the Apple ones being like £28 i refuse to pay that much because their wires bend and snap so easily and in a week you'd be there wiggling the daft c**nt about. Too many spots from the stress of this and its making me late for college cos my sh**ty phone dies through the night. Reason? Because its cold. ( GAIAN NO EXAGGERATION !) pathetic apple. Fix up !!!
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