Apple iPhone 6s 16GB - Gold £344.99 @ Toby Deals

Apple iPhone 6s 16GB - Gold £344.99 @ Toby Deals

Found 23rd Sep 2017
Apple iPhone 6s 16GB - Gold - SIM Free
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    Why do people keep listing phones from these cowboys? Ok there cheap but why would you spend this much money at a shop with 0 customer service
    Who's Toby and why doesn't he have his own deal site?
    Toby Carvery ? 🤔
    My deal from Roth direct for a soundbase gets rejected for a not allowed retailer on Black Friday and yet these deals are ok?
    Bruh you can get a iPhone 7 for that much
    Whats with the sudden spurt in such deals being posted over the last few days.. When a large population on the forum generally agrees to the almost non-existent customer service from these sellers.. At times you need to search deals from uk based sellers amidst all these posts.. Just hoping these seriously help someone ..
    Some Tesco stores are doing these for £260 - unfortunately not the one near me - search on UKHD it was listed a few hours ago.
    parasyte11 h, 15 m ago

    Bruh you can get a iPhone 7 for that much

    Not a new one surely ?!?
    Great handset

    Edit DO NOT BUY ! just saw its 16gb only. Not fit for purpose. I know this because I bought one, had it a day, sold it for a loss and bought a 64gb version. My life is full of similar regrets
    Edited by: "marc1401" 25th Sep 2017
    Thieves . Cancelled my order but would not refund money. Stay away from these crooks
    £359 at Giff gaff see above link
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