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Apple iPhone leather wallet Magsafe £16.99 instore @ TK Maxx Sheffield

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Sheffield tk Maxx Crystal Peaks, Meadowhall have stock Apple Iphone MagSafe leather wallet a few instore

Not sure if it is available national

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    What I don’t get about this is my phone holds all my cards digitally so what’s the point?
    I see your point. I have 3 cards. 2 current account, which I have on my phone for ApplePay/contactless. The third is a credit card which I don’t have on my phone (so as not to give in to temptation), but I keep as a physical card in case of emergency. I also keep my driving license in there, so that’s how I use mine.

    In relation to battery’s going flat, you can select a card in the wallet app to use as an express card, so if your phone dies, there is always enough juice to keep certain pieces of software running. Setting a card for this enables you to use contactless even if your battery is flat, to avoid situations where you don’t have a card but your phone dies.

    For me, it’s done away with a bigger bulky wallet, that I only carried through habit and was full of stuff I don’t use. I use the Stocard app for the loyalty cards I do use, and the credit card and drivers license slip into the MagSafe wallet without spoiling the form factor or bulking out a pocket. (edited)
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    Nice enough genuine Apple leather wallet but why on earth did they have to print a big announcement of what it is over the front of it?
    Looks odd.
    The discreet Apple logo already there would have been sufficient on its own.
    Errr that’s just packaging
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    The fact they originally charge 60 for this is comical
    Better watch what youre sayin here about apple, they have lots of keyboard warriors die hard fans here who are willing to pay any price for their amazing products
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    It’s first gen and 3 days ago in TK Maxx Tamworth only a few of them.
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    Nice find. Got one of these myself, decent addition-bargain at that price. My TK Maxx never has any Apple stuff-I often see deals for straps and cases, I luck out at my local!
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    Multiple colours available at Evesham store
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    I always wonder why this is needed when you can pay on your phone via the wallet with all your bank cards anyway?
    Work pass , travel pass, ID etc…
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