Apple iPhone SE 16gb Almost Perfect Condition @ o2 refresh deal - £153.99

Apple iPhone SE 16gb Almost Perfect Condition @ o2 refresh deal - £153.99

£153.99O2 Deals
Found 2nd Apr 2017
Don't know why my previous deal was expired but still...

Great price for this phone.

Typical o2 refresh deal, can be unlocked for free, newbies view previous o2 refresh deals.

Select 500 mb with unlimited minutes package


Let's have some additional heat
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That's not the price on their site!

That's not the price on their site!

Yes it is see previous thread for how it works…682
why cold?
OP, i would not lose any sleep over it, sometimes you have to wonder why we bother helping and posting deals, No idea why or who expired the other "same" deal which should still be live. All the best!
"Let's have some additional heat "

Dont beg, get the other post un-expired
Has the £6 x 24 month contract been removed? I can't see it for any of the different conditions.
Initial cost has gone up to £19.99, still a good deal though!

Initial cost has gone up to £19.99, still a good deal though!

Its still 9.99 if you choose 500MB 500 minutes 500 texts
I am another one that cant get my head around the deal or see it online for £9.99 ?
Rang 02 they say they have the iPhone SE for £159.99 and airtime £11 for the 500mb 500min 500tx
Ok so a word of warning about cancelling the airtime only contract. Just got off a 30 minute battle with a member of O2 retentions team who was adamant that since I had paid the device plan, I had essentially opted out of my 'change of mind' period and would have to pay for 30 days worth of airtime plan. This is not true and if you also find yourself here, please use the following from their T&C to help:

10.4: Subject to paragraph 12 below, if you cancel this Service Agreement during your 14 day Change-Your-Mind Period, any Equipment Agreement that you agreed to at the same time for the supply of any Equipment will also be cancelled unless you choose to pay in full for your Equipment in line with the terms of a Device Plan. Unless we tell you otherwise, w e'll bear the reasonable postage costs of returning the Equipment with all original parts and the original packaging...

The customer service guy kept reading point 10.2 and saying this was more valid since it comes first (which I said was irrelevant):
10.2 If you are cancelling under paragraph 10.1 you must return any Equipment that we supplied or sold you as part of this Agreement, undamaged, unlocked (i.e. free of security or software locks) with proof of purchase, in the original packaging and complete with all the original parts, within the Change-Your-Mind Period. You must return it through the channel you were sold it or through the methods described in our repair and returns policy. Check our Website, ask in an O2 shop or call customer service for details of our repair and returns processes. You'll be charged for Non-Returns.

When I asked him to read 10.4 aloud he was getting more confused with his opinion each time with bigger gaps, but insisting that that since I'd paid my device plan, I'd have to return the phone. Asked to speak to his manager (politely) and he "forewarned me" that the T&C could not be more black and white, I was definitely wrong and that the manager would agree. 5 mins later, he's back on the phone and his exact words were "well I've had a battle with the manager on your behalf for you and he eventually agreed to let you cancel it from tomorrow" then later said "it wasn't my decision". In other words, it became apparent he had misunderstood that part! That or he was sick of me (likely both).

Key bits: Stay polite and calm, quote the appropriate bit of T&Cs, ask them to read that bit to you and if they still don't agree, ask for the manager.
Good post !

Quick Q - any difference between getting the handset with a deposit, then cancelling and paying the remainder for the handset and just paying the whole amount for the handset upfront on 02 Refresh and then just cancelling the airtime?

Assuming the final cost works out the same?
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