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Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB Good Used Smartphone £107.99 / 128GB £131 | Very Good Condition 64GB £119.99 Using Code Delivered @ iOUTLET / Ebay

£107.99£134.9920% off
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£107.99 for good in 64GB storage, £119 for very good, both links below, 128gb in good can be had for £131.

Very Good Condition
Good Condition
  • True Tone Display & 3D Touch
  • Splash Water and Dust Resistant*
  • Apple A11 Bionic chip with 64-Bit.
  • Cameras for FaceTime video calling
  • Up to 8 hours battery life
  • 4.7" Retina HD LED backlit Multi-Touch display 1334x750 Pixels /326ppi
  • 12MP Wide Angle Rear Camera/ 4K Video recording
  • Over 65,000 available apps from the App Store

Very Good -: Very good condition refurbished mobile, that will show some signs of use across the device, such as light body scratches. Very light screen markings - invisible when screen is lit. Battery capacity will be minimum of 80%. Device is in full working order and passed Phonecheck's 70 point inspection.

Good -: Good condition refurbished mobile that will show moderate signs of use such as small scratches or dents. Battery capacity will be minimum of 80%. Device is in full working order and passed Phonecheck's 70 point inspection

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  1. Avatar
    I sadly recommended this Phone to my mum at some point. Battery life was atrociously bad. If a phone can't last a whole day then what's the point. Shame on Apple for agreeing to sell this piece of crap.

    Yes, processor is great, but if you need to charge a phone in the middle of the day, there is no point. (edited)
    I have this phone and yes the battery is not perfect like all other small iPhones. I use my fone all day and and charge it twice. But if I hardly use it then 1 charge is enough to last all day. My mum has a iPhone and is confident with the basics. My dad has a Samsung and finds it too complicated even to do the basics.
  2. Avatar
    This is still a good entry level iPhone and great value if you don’t need the latest features like bezelless frame and FaceID. It will need charging daily or even twice a day for heavy users but that’s one of the few compromises - get a small power bank to carry (phone is small and light so you can afford the extra weight)! Nice handset for runners and cyclists too. 
    Bezel-less frames, OLED screens, 120Hz screens etc. are not the latest features I'm afraid, they've been around for years in the android world at the sub-£200 price point.

    Apple wait years before introducing new features such as these given they need economies of scale and cost efficiencies to build up sufficiently to allow them to retain their 60% plus profit margin, however their marketing folks are incredibly talented at introducing such features as the "second coming" to their followers. (edited)
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    OK, wifey has iPhone 8 currently, & seeing as this seems to be getting an awful review from many, what would you suggest as an alternative upgrade? Can be a refurb. Thanks guys
    The only bad thing about this phone is the below par battery life. If you have an ability to charge during the day I wouldn’t be put off by it.
    Alternatively, I think iPhone XR’s aren’t much more and they had better battery life.
  4. Avatar
    Brilliant phone when I had it 18 month ago or so. Apple updates have probably crippled it by now.
    Using it right now, works perfectly. No issues.
  5. Avatar
    This phone has poor wifi range
    I have this and never had an issue with WiFi.
  6. Avatar
    Much of an upgrade versus an iphone 7? - just wondering if it's worth updating my mums 7 or not worthwhile for a light user.
    Probably wouldn’t change it unless you feel the 7 is dying or needs repairs imo. The A10 in it is still quite nippy in daily use. I really liked the 7 and it’s all metal design.
  7. Avatar
    Curious how the battery on this compares to an iPhone 7 or 8. Given they are based on the same casing I would expect the battery lives to be similar. Yes, the battery life may be poor next to an iPhone 13, but as an upgrade for someone with an iPhone 7, will they notice any difference?
    It's fairly similar to those. If you have been able to survive on a 7 or 8 for battery life, the SE won't be that far off. Yes, compared to larger phones with bigger batteries, it's not great. It should last longer than a 7.
  8. Avatar
    Great device but battery life will be average if you stream and watch videos etc. For my parents who are lite users and use it for mostly messaging it's great
  9. Avatar
    Had to pull trigger 256gb in white vgc for£159.99
  10. Avatar
    No issues with mine
  11. Avatar
    Good luck with battery life.
  12. Avatar
    Everyone in my family has one of these phones and has done for over a year - we all love them: cheap to buy, reliable, fast, wireless charging, good camera. Regarding battery life....it depends how you use it, if you're going to be glued to it all the time then probably not the phone for you if you're not going to be near a charger or carry a power bank during the day. If however you use it from time to time during the day or don't mind the occasional drop on to the charging mat/power bank then I don't see why you wouldn't consider this. Sure, more money buys a better phone, but isn't that always the way.
    Also I really like the size of this it fits nicely into my jeans pocket, the newer phones (11,12 etc) are bigger and aren't as comfortable to carry around. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Terrible, terrible phone 🥶
  14. Avatar
    I wonder if their refurbishment means changing components? Also it says A11 SoC but it must be the A13 for the SE 2nd gen otherwise it's an iPhone 8.

    Only the Black colour is £134.99 before discount, the Red and White are £139.99 down to £111.99. (edited)
    Pointless to swap components on a device like this, although I do worry that they’re selling iPhone 8’s and SE’s in the same pool
  15. Avatar
    Looks like buyer had to pay postage to send it back if you're not happy
    Which is totally fine and in accordance with distance selling regulations, unless it’s not as described or faulty.
  16. Avatar
    It's what power banks are made for...ours have been redundant for a while.,
  17. Avatar
    I have this phone purely for Apple Carplay and nothing else. The battery is insanely bad, in 3 months use it became 89% battery health.
  18. Avatar
    Battery on this model is really bad…
  19. Avatar
    Great reviews online. Was going to go for it but feedback re battery life has me hesitating.
    I used to own this phone. I didn’t think it was any worse than any previous iPhones I had. Don’t let that put you off. It’s a good phone especially at this price
  20. Avatar
    Anyone know which iOS version these come with?
    It supports latest iOS, so 16.3 currently, so even if it doesn't come with that, it's a simple update
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