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Apple iPhone X 64GB £166.04 / iPhone 11 Pro £255.14 / Google Pixel 4a £109.34 + More Good Refurb @ Music Magpie / Ebay

£166.04£204.9919% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Some cracking prices on music magpie Ebay, full list below of top choices, mostly iPhones, all Refurbished Good Condition, as always with MM, it is very easy to return if the phone is not as described

10% will automatically apply, then use that code JAN10

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64GB - £255.14
Google Pixel 4a 4G 128GB - £109.34
Apple iPhone 8 64GB - £109.34
Apple iPhone XS 64GB - £178.19
Samsung S21 Ultra - £380.69
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 - £502.19

Good - This product is in good cosmetic condition, there will be signs of wear which may include scratches, visible scuffs and/or screen discoloration but nothing that will impair functionality. Battery health will be a minimum of 80%. The item has been fully tested, restored to factory settings and is in excellent working order.
You’re getting a great device at a great price!

This Phone doesn't include its original box.

As well as a great value phone, you will also receive:

  • FREE 12 Months Warranty
  • FREE USB Charging Cable
  • FREE Royal Mail 48hrs delivery

Please note devices have been through a refurbishment process so may have had parts replaced such as battery, screen, camera etc. This is all done in house by qualified technicians and is backed by our 12-month warranty.
eBay More details at eBay

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    Is the 11 pro still good?
    11 Pro is still decent, you can check the battery health in the settings menu. BUT I advise you to install 3uTools and get the battery statistics using that which gives better information. To change the battery cells in an 11 Pro properly you need to remove the calls from the battery IC board and then weld new battery cells back to the board. IF the phone says IMPORTANT BATTERY MESSAGE when you first set it up then the battery has been changed and the original battery IC board is lost. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Security updates for the pixel 4a stop this August
    This is part of the reason I'm looking for another phone. I have heard they "might" support it for slightly longer, but not by much past August. Could stick a Rom on it, I guess...
  3. Avatar
    I personally think that eBay should ban Music Magpie from using condition descriptions on their used phones, as they are so bad at it.
    Basically, it's a lottery buying from Music Magpie. Buying 'good', 'very good' or 'excellent condition' phones has virtually no bearing on what you'll actually get.
    What would be far more useful, is if they (and others) were made to provide decent high resolution photos of the device they're selling from all angles in strong light (macro photos of any scratches would also be good), and have to disclose the actual battery health capacity (rather than just saying that it's above 85% etc).
    I think it's probably better to go to Cex. For comparison, a Cex C-grade iPhone X 64Gb is £220 (vs £166 at Music Magpie using the JAN10 code). With Cex, you get a 2 year warranty, and if they have stock in your local store, at least you can go and have a look before parting with the money.
    I've recently found that nextdaymobiles are very similar in that you can order a phone in good condition and it will be in much better condition than a phone listed as very good condition. Battery health is a total lottery too. It is almost worth ordering a few of the same device in average or good condition and seeing if you get lucky with one and returning the rest. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    iPhone X is xcoming up at about £180 for me (£209.99 before the 10% 0ff)
    Space Grey, 64GB, use code JAN10
  5. Avatar
    Tempted by the iPhone 11 pro, decent price. But my experience of MM and 4 gadgets "good" isn't good. Easy returns though, but is it worth taking the chance again for 3rd time lucky...
    If you don't want to return, I wouldn't order, or choose a better grade
  6. Avatar
    Samsung ultra link not working??
  7. Avatar
    make sure the imei of the handset matches the one on the invoice/receipt & get them to correct it straight away not like their useless customer couldn't be bothered/were incapable of doin invalidatin a insurance claim because I couldn't prove ownership
  8. Avatar
    They say they are refurbished but is this just another company taking in used phones and pumping them out again without so much as even cleaning them down with a wet wipe such as Mozillion? 90-point Mozillion check my backside.
  9. Avatar
    Pixel 4a 🔥
  10. Avatar
    Music magpie have banned me from buying from them for some reason! Very annoying! I bought a few phones off them for family and myself, some had to be returned but didn't do anything that warranted a ban! (edited)
    I would ban you also.
    Why would you keep buying from them after returning things many times.
  11. Avatar
    Oh Mr Switch thanks for this lovely deal
  12. Avatar
    What is refurbished about these phones? Nothing. Refurbished has become another marketing term that isn’t used for its real purpose: They are secondhand. I am sure they just give them a wipe, check they come on and then ship them out.
    They don't bother wiping them usually.
  13. Avatar
    I can't seem to find the 11 pro at that price. When I follow the link it's £314.99 down to £283.49 with the code if I choose the cheapest (silver 64gb)
    Definitely working, 10% Auto Applied + code JAN10

    49347342-Ke7JY.jpg (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Cant find 11 pro from the link
  15. Avatar
    Sweet deal! I needed a new backup
    Phone. 6S is struggling! Thank you, kind Sr. Switchy as always! Have had 2 other iPhones from music magpie and were in better condition than expected. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    How do you get the extra coupon discount? I can only see/apply the JAN10 (10% off discount)
    You put the code in right at the end after you click checkout
  17. Avatar
    Can you return free, if you don’t want it?
  18. Avatar
    the pixel 4a camera beats the iphone 14
    that's a good price and phone
    Does it?
  19. Avatar
    Alternatively, you could buy an iPhone 14 on a two-year contract for 750 pounds and after two years it’s still worth 400
  20. Avatar
    Just use CEX … you can see what your buying from them before handing over your hard earned
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