Apple iphone7 32gb £19 pm; 36month contract at Virgin Mobile - £684

Apple iphone7 32gb £19 pm; 36month contract at Virgin Mobile - £684

Found 17th Nov 2017Edited by:"Spr1nger"
Seems a good deal for low users, only comes with 1.2GB data but for an extra £3 you can get 5GB to play with. Comes with 300mins and unlimited texts
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Link doesn't working though, how many minutes comes with please
36 month contract ???? Ouch
A 3 year contract is ridiculous, how can they even be allowed to do that?
3 year contract !!! Anybody signing up for that must be f*****g crackers.
Too long contract
Phone will be worthless after 3 years.
There are a few providers doing 3 year contract. It’s not the phone being worthless that would worry me it’s if the phone will last 3 years.
The battery on my Samsung has a short life coming up to 2 years on its contract
36 month contract are they taking the P?
It's a long contract but if your planning to keep your phone for 3 years I think this is a decent deal, if you bought a iphone 7 outright it's going to cost around £549 upfront and then you have to pay your monthly package on top of that. This is £135 more spread over 3 years so effectively £3.75 for your package if you're a low user. Considering getting this.
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