Apple iPod 5th Gen 30GB - £20 Price Drop

Apple iPod 5th Gen 30GB - £20 Price Drop

Found 2nd Apr 2007
Apple have announced a £20 price drop on the Apple iPod 5th Gen.

Amazon UK have already put in place the price drop.

Was : £179.99
Now: £159.09


Thanks consumerway and welcome here!

I don't understand how Apple is going to fill the gap between iPod 5th gen and the iPhone in the UK when we're only going to see the iPhone in the autumn? Is there another update they are squeezing in?

nice find, any idea if the 80gb version will be coming down in price too?

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Yes it has:

Listed at : £239.00

Amazon UK showing : £226.49

It may fall more, but its defiantly lower.

New ipods sometime in April. Larger GB size. HDD being replaced with Flash memory. Also possiable widescreen touch screen 'video ipod'. Likely another price for the 5th gen ipods when new one released.

asusboy- when you say hdd being replaced by flash memory- how large do you mean (ie: current nano 8gb max). are there 30-60gb flash memory available???

Sandisk just released a 30GB solid state sata hdd so yeah they are getting bigger. Another company has had a 30gb solid state on the market for a few months already.

p.s. the cost of the 30GB is something like £700 though...

hehe I just found a deal on a 2.5" ide solid state - I'll post it
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