Apple iPod 60GB Photo – only £199.99 @ BTShop!!!!!!

Apple iPod 60GB Photo – only £199.99 @ BTShop!!!!!!

Found 27th Jul 2006
Amazing price on this!!! They seem to be around the £260+ everywhere else! Apple iPod 60GB Photo is on offer in the BT Clearance shop for £199.99 with FREE delivery! 60GB would hold a HUGE amount of media! This is even cheaper than at the refurbished Apple Store.

Details: A delight for the ears. A feast for the eyes. Though it's no bigger than a pack of playing cards and weighs in at just over 6 ounces, iPod Photo delivers a one-two sensory punch. Letting you carry an entire library of your favorite music - up to 15, 000 songs - or enough photos - as many as 25, 000 - to fill nearly 200 slide trays or cover nearly 5, 000 square feet of wall space. Got a really big den?

Like its famous siblings, iPod Photo features the touch-sensitive Apple Click Wheel that's the envy of the industry. You'll use it to navigate iPod Photo's new menu. Now in living color, it's easier to read than ever. That's thanks in part to the clarity of the display - it offers 220x176-pixel resolution - and in part to the new Myriad typeface. Spin the wheel to Music, and you can scroll effortlessly through dozens of playlists, hundreds of albums or thousand of songs.
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Hmm.. are you sure you're not confusing this with the iPod Video 60GB? That retails for 299, but its easy to get it for about 270-ish. I'm not surprised that the Ipod 60GB Photo is retailing for 199.... seems like a fair price for an old generation Ipod.

I am surprised.. though... that BT are still selling it!! Apple stopped producing them almost a year ago!
When I froogled it, all the other deals were coming up at £300 ish:


For the photo model... Is this not a great price then, I thought it was?
that is a phenomenal spot emma

def the 60GB model
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