Apple iPod Shuffle 1GB - Silver £27.99 free delivery @ AmazonUK

Apple iPod Shuffle 1GB - Silver £27.99 free delivery @ AmazonUK

Found 27th Nov 2008
Store up to 240 songs
Stores data via USB flash drive
Skip-free audio playback
Up to 12 hours playtime when fully charged
Charging via included USB dock
Autofill from your entire music library for a fresh mix via iTunes software (via download)
Autofill from specific playlists via iTunes software
Play MP3, AAC and audiobooks
Thumb-friendly, circular control pad
Click the center button to play and pause. Click the outer buttons to move back, skip forward, and adjust volume
Built-in clip for your sleeve, your lapel, your coin pocket, your backpack
Flip the shuffle switch to mix up iPod shuffle's contents


Although that this might sound a good deal specially when anything that is Ipod related cost pretty much the same everywhere.

If you are a new customer for Mashall Ward you can get pretty much Buy one and get one free with the Ipod shuffle…ir/

They give you £30 off your first purchase minimun spend £60

Each Shuffle cost £32

£32 + £32 = £64 - £30 (voucher) = £34 + pp

Also you get 6% or 7% Quidco so as I said Buy one get one almost free.

So if you can spare a few more quids you can get two.

Starts to sound pretty weak when you compare to, for instance, that £30 8GB player Play are doing.

Yeah, it may not have the branding, but it's got a screen, you don't have to use iTunes or any other transfer software (a BLESSING, in the case of iTunes), 8x the capacity, all the same features... no brainer.

these are great fashion accessories... silver's good, it'll got with anything you're wearing
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