APPLE iPod touch 8GB £134.99 Web Exclusive @ Currys

APPLE iPod touch 8GB £134.99 Web Exclusive @ Currys

Found 6th Jun 2010
Quite a few deals around at the mo - but this one's good if you don't want to pay the full price and get freebies that you don't really want!

Product code: 352239

Play even more games, access new and exciting applications and create instant playlists at the touch of a button with the New Apple iPod touch 8GB.

The incredibly sleek and much-loved iPod Touch now comes with a new Genius Playlist feature, which groups together songs that complement each other into one easy to access list. If you're listening to a song you like and want to hear more of the same, just access Genius with a few clicks of your wheel and it'll do the rest. If you don't like the list it comes up with, you can even refresh and it will try again! Your own personal DJ in the palm of your hand!

Play games with friends from across the globe with the iPod touch 8GB. Choose from thousands of interactive single or multiplayer games in the App Store for hours of entertainment. Thanks to built-in technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-fi and the accelerometer, gameplay is incredibly fun and completely immersive. Have access to the world's sleekest portable game player with rich, colourful and fluid graphics.

Keep up to date with your blogs, email, chat and more with this new iPod touch and do all this with the tips of your fingers. Using this Apple iPod is completely intuitive thanks to touch controls that let you navigate smoothly. Built-in Wi-Fi means you can stay connected on the move a computer with all features you need that doesn't weigh you down.

If you get lost, iPod maps can help you on your way. Connect to a wireless network and it will pinpoint your location, giving you directions and also displaying points of interest.

Of course, as with all iPods it's also all about the music. The 8GB Touch has the capacity to store up to 1,750 songs and up to 10 hours of video. Stunningly sleek, a computer, game player and iPod all in one pocket-sized mean machine, the New Apple iPod touch 8GB.


dixons are doing a similar deal…-78
its 9p cheaper. lol, but thanks for the link, my cousin is looking to buy on eand asked me to look, thank you again for reminding me.

About average price

£134.90 at ]amazon

same price in comet but with a proline speaker

Willl the prices drop further closer to the launch of the 4th Gen ones in September?

just please take note of where it says WEB EXCLUSIVE.
this means it cant be bought or price matched instore.

we're sorry (from a shop's POV) but this is out of our hands, so please don't ask or get angry with us and start calling us all sorts of names cos we can't price match our own websites exclusive prices or online discount codes instore.
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