Apple Keyboard - Wired - French Layout @ Amazon £12.95

Apple Keyboard - Wired - French Layout @ Amazon £12.95

Found 26th May 2012
Decent price for an Apple Keyboard even tho in french layout.
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azerty layout. :P it'll confuse ya! I swear by uk only keyboards now I can do USA, but don't fall for these traps!
You can play hunt the @
Just why?
je typez sur mon ingles quaybord trez jolly
If you can touchtype well this will be fine.
Useful for French people and students.

If you can touchtype well this will be fine.

I would have thought this would f**k up touchtypers technique if the keys are all in the wrong place!
LOL, why is this posted, lol. I don't know what it is about this deal, but I can't stop laughing.
touchtyping means nothing. keyboard positioning is encoded in its hardware. If you changed region settings to uk, tried to type using familiar key positioning, you'd be in a pretty bad mess.

This will be hot for the ex pat frenchie who is now stuck on these miserable shores.

They'll cry ZUT ALORS! then begin to ribbit with delight as they will once again be able to type. VIVE LE FRANCE!

it drove me mental trying to use a french mac for the first time. if osx wasn't a pain as it is, try using it in a language you don't understand, and then for added measure mix up the bloody keys. this is pointless for most UK people
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