Apple Leather Case for iPhone 8/7 - Midnight Blue £22.99 Amazon

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 8/7 - Midnight Blue £22.99 Amazon

Found 1st Mar 2018
Having purchased a knock off case on eBay advertised as "genuine", I went exploring and I just noticed this is priced at £22.99, albeit with 1-3 weeks delivery.

In my past experience, ordering 1-3 week items usually takes nothing like.

A good price in comparison to Apple/other listings for a genuine leather case (which again, from experience) are best fitting, robust and long lasting.
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If it is fake it’s probably better quality than the genuine ones, in my experience Apple own brand cases are of poor quality. Much better 3rd party cases to be had. Although if genuine this is cheap the same case is £35 in Argos
You can get them in CeX for less (and new - it's worth a look).

But I wouldn't personally be interested with that 1-3 week wait (possibly more), what happens with your phone in the meantime while you are waiting for a case!
Dolphinzz5 m ago


The seller is Amazon themselves, so no
PureGolden13 m ago


What's the matter? Can't afford one?
I've had the same case on my 6s+ and it's lasted very well and has protected my iPhone.

There are plenty of non Apple options out there, but this one looks classy.
The Apple leather cases are quality and I get mine from CEX, sometimes half price and is decent condition.
Fake ?? I didn’t know amazon sold fakes ?
Tad expensive, no ?
savvyB24 m ago

Tad expensive, no ?

Can you link me to the cheaper site?
savvyB1 h, 40 m ago

Tad expensive, no ?

Like all Apple products you pay a premium, but at the same time you also get a high quality product. I suppose you could say that at £22 rather than the usual £35 you are getting good value for the materials used.
Thanks OP
Arrived today. Worlds apart from my outgoing knock off.

Admittedly, a lot bluer than I’d hoped for. Hey ho. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool.
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