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Apple Mac mini, M2 Chip 8-Core CPU, 10-Core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, MMFJ3B/A Extended 2 year warranty £599.98 (Members Only) @ Costco

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- M2 chip for exceptional speed and performance
- 8-core CPU packs up to 18 per cent faster performance to fly through everyday tasks1
- 10-core GPU with up to 35 per cent faster performance for graphics-intensive apps and games1
- 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning

Mac mini. Supercharged by M2 and M2 Pro.
Now with M2, Mac mini packs the speed you need. From rich presentations to immersive gaming, M2 flies through work and play. And with a wide array of ports to connect all your favourite peripherals, Mac mini is up for anything.

Additional Features
From 8GB up to 24GB of unified memory, so everything you do is fast and fluid
Superfast SSD storage launches apps and opens files in an instant
Supports up to two displays
Advanced cooling system sustains outstanding performance
Fast Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity2
Two Thunderbolt 4 ports, one HDMI port, two USB-A ports, headphone jack, Gigabit or 10Gb Ethernet
Ultra-compact 19.7-cm-square design in silver
macOS Ventura gives you powerful new ways to get more done, share and collaborate — across all your Apple devices

info added by @wadz

Dimensions - H 3.6 x W 19.7 x D 19.7 cm
Weight - 1.2kg
Processor Speed - Apple M2 chip, 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores
Memory - 8GB
Storage - 256GB SSD
Graphics Card - 10-core GPU
Audio - Built-in speaker
Bluetooth - Bluetooth 5.3
Wireless - Wi‑Fi 6E (802.11ax)
1x HDMI (2.0)
1x Ethernet
2 x Thunderbolt 4 / USB 4
2 x USB A
1x 3.5mm headphone jack

Costco More details at Costco
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    Never owned a mac mini but can I use any monitor, mouse and keyboard or does it have to be Apple products?
    Any HDMI monitor (or TV), and USB or Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse will work with this. I use Logitech peripherals and a Lenovo monitor, for reference.
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    This is incredibly cheap?
    The lowest priced versions of many Apple products (like this one) are basically nerfed and to be avoided unless you’re sure you can live with the limitations. It’s an Apple tactic so they can quote a low ‘from’ price.  8gb memory and 256gb ssd is poor these days and as someone else pointed out, in the cheapest models they’ve been known to use lower spec components 
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    Why is the ram so low?
    Macs come with less RAM than equivalent Windows devices. My experience has been that they can perform equally well with less RAM. Using an 8GB MacBook Air is similar to a Laptop with around 16GB RAM. They could probably make excuses based on energy consumption etc but tbh I think they restrict RAM on cheap models because even fewer people would need the higher spec models if they didn't.
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    Its better to buy m1 with 16gb memory because 8gb it’s not enough for longer time. As a owner of 8gb m1 I will not change to m2 because of cpu but happy to buy another m1 with 16 gb ram.
    Well yeh considering the gains on this version are tiny, they say 35 percent on GPU but that is mainly due to the two extra cores.
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    I would be very wary of this... It might have the slower SSD like the MacBook M2. The 512gb model doesn't have the issue. (edited)
    £15 for online membership

    Or effectively £13.60 for full membership using blue light card offer.
    49355348-eOArs.jpg (edited)
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    There seems to be a lot of misinformation being spread in here.

    - 8GB is enough for most users, even on Windows 10/11 contrary to popular beleif. MacOS doesn't do anything magical like the marketing team would have you believe, unix is simply more responsive. You can edit 4k video while running a VM in the background on 8GB easily on MacOS.

    - Apple aren't using "superfast" SSDs. Infact they have been using pretty average SSDs for years now after initally being ahead of the pack. Their pricing is disgusting. You can get high end 1TB Samsung drives with 7GB/s read speeds for around £100 these days, roughly 4.5x quicker than the SSDs used on Apple's base models and almost 2.5x that of their higher end chips.

    - Good luck finding a monitor under 4k resolution that shows nice looking text. Apple has all but abandoned support for non-HiDPI displays. Text is jagged even at a distance on 1080p/1440p monitors, much to the constant furore of the community. There are hacky workarounds, but all have their own issues. It would be easy for Apple to allow HiDIPI mode on 1440p monitors, but they choose not to as they want you to buy a studio display.

    - Good luck getting acceptable performance on a 4k display if you scale the resolution. The M1/M2 GPUs are great, but they cannot handle a render resolution of 5k+ while rendering the UI at 60fps or higher.

    - Again this plays perfectly into Apple's hands, but you're better off spending a little bit extra on either an iMac or Macbook Air to avoid the hassle of trying to find peripherals that play nice. It's been well noted by myself and many others that waking a Mac Mini from sleep with non-Apple keyboard/mouse combos over bluetooth is a pain. Less of an issue if you use the built in dongle.

    - If you don't use an Apple mouse/trackpad, scrolling is broken af. You pretty much have to spend a good chunk of money (£10+) on an app that lets you use the nice scrolling built into the OS that is usually reserved for Apple's peripherals.

    Not trying to dissuade anyone from using MacOS. It's quality is lacking these days and I find Windows 11 to surprisingly be more stable. MacOS is still noticeably more enjoyable to use though, especially as seemingly every Windows update I spend forever telling it that I DO NOT want to use MS Edge. If you have an iPhone and never intend to try Android then it's pretty much a no-brainer.
    You really shouldn’t use a mac without a trackpad or Magic Mouse, it’s a huge advantage of the os and is worth the money for life.
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    This is a £50 saving but you can get for £540 direct from apple if you kind somebody with unidays.
    Thanks - yes, I've access to Unidays too; £539 for this one delivered or £739 for the 8Gb/512Gb & £1289 for the M2 Pro 16Gb/512GB/4xTB4
  8. Avatar
    I take it that Costo are not offering the 512GB with either 8 or 16 gb of RAM?
    They’re doing 512 with 8 gig of ram but not 16 for £790 (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Here we go again

    Thanks for posting. Expect loads of comments about 8gb ram from people that have never used an m1 or m2 computer. (edited)
    Yep trolls , tbh the deals heat will speak for itself.

    Not worth answering them, we would be here weeks etc.
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    No HDMI 2.1 only M2 Pro model has
    Why do you need 2.1 on a Mac mini? It’s not a gaming system.

    Don’t forget you can go thunderbolt to display port if you want higher refresh rates (edited)
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    Hi guys, my daughter is applying for uni to do media/ animation, I only ever use windows laptops never had Apple, what would be a good laptop that can handle the software that goes with that type of course? TIA
    It's important to take advice from the university if specialist software is going to be used. Buying a Mac to find that most of the affordable pro software is Windows based would be a bad move. At the same time a Mac - likely a MacBook Pro with a good screen - could be perfect if you have the money. Definitely though she needs to take advice from the university first.
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    Apple not having a HDMI 2.1 socket on the standard M2 is a crime in my opinion.
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    Any good for 4k video editing?
    100% yes
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    Seriously considering this to upgrade my always-on server for Plex, file server, backups, remote machine and so on.

    My Dell Optiplex 3050 micro has been a solid workhorse, but it’s starting to show its age (for what I use it for anyway)
    This is exactly what I'll be using it for. Already picked up some OWC ministacks to run NAS/backups from.

    It will pay itself back within a year - the M1 idled at 7W so this will probably be something around the 9W mark.
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    Just a bit of a PSA, having a bit of buyers remorse myself but the SSD in the base M2 256GB SKU is about half the speed of the SSD in the M1 Mac Mini, which is a bit of a bummer!
    That was the big worry, seems worst fears realized, then, though as he says at least the price has been lowered for the performance drop. My sympathies. Can you return it and -welcome to Apple upsell... - buy the model with the larger capacity SSD?

    Unfortunately the only model that really meets my needs is the 16GB/512GB model but ouch, that's such a big step up in price (to be clear, not saying it's not worth it, just having a bit of an ouch).
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    Decent price for what you are getting not forgetting the free macOS with it.
    that's a stretch my friend, you wouldn't expect to pay for the OS separately in 2022
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    If you want to use Windows in a VM it's best to pay the extra for 16GB. The cost of 8GB extra is eye watering - how does Apple justify the price and why do people pay it?
    Because the Ram is part of processor. You can only order 16gb machines direct from Apple too. It’s well worth it though, resale values on 16gb versions are very good :-)
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    you can only buy 16GB from Apple
    Mac mini M2 (krcs.co.uk)

    They will allow you to order custom configurations at a slightly lower cost than directly from Apple.
  19. Avatar
    Is this the mini that is released next week?
  20. Avatar
    Almost feel that the Mac Mini M2 Pro will take away some sales from potential Studio Max buyers to an extent. If they put 1Tb standard SSD in the Studio Max when it gets M2 silicon, that would widen the gap enough I think to make it appeal over the Mac Mini M2 Pro .