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Apple MacBook Air 2020, M1 Chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB in Gold £816.99 delivered at Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Amazon have price-matched Costco for the Gold Base MacBook Air.

Might be an even better deal for those who don’t have a Costco membership or who have the extra pickup discount or one of the promotions.

Apple’s thinnest and lightest notebook gets supercharged with the Apple M1 chip. Tackle your projects with the blazing-fast 8-core CPU. Take graphics-intensive apps and games to the next level with an up to 8-core GPU. And accelerate machine learning tasks with the 16-core Neural Engine. All with a silent, fanless design and the longest battery life ever—up to 18 hours. MacBook Air. Still perfectly portable. Just a lot more powerful.
Features & details
All-Day Battery Life — Go longer than ever with up to 18 hours of battery life depending on use.
Powerful Performance — Take on everything from professional-quality editing to action- packed gaming with ease. The Apple M1 chip with an 8-core CPU delivers up to 3.5x faster performance than the previous generation while using far less power.
Superfast Memory — 8GB of unified memory makes your entire system speedy and responsive. That way, it can support tasks like memory-hogging multi-tab browsing and opening a huge graphic file quickly and easily.
Stunning Display — With a 13.3” Retina display, images come alive with new levels of realism. Text is sharp and clear, and colours are more vibrant.
Why Mac — Easy to learn. Easy to set up. Astoundingly powerful. Intuitive. Packed with apps to use straight out of the box. Mac is designed to let you work, play and create like never before.
Simply Compatible — All your existing apps work, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft 365 and Google Drive. Plus you can use your favourite iPhone and iPad apps directly on macOS. Altogether you’ll have access to the biggest collection of apps ever for Mac. All available on the App Store.
Easy to Learn — If you already have an iPhone, MacBook Air feels familiar from the moment you turn it on. And it works perfectly with all your Apple devices. Use your iPad to extend the workspace of your Mac, answer texts and phone calls directly on your Mac, and more.
Fanless Design — Your MacBook Air stays cool and runs quietly even while tackling intense workloads.
AppleCare — Every Mac comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support. Get AppleCare+ to extend your coverage and reduce the stress and cost of unexpected repairs.
Environmentally Friendly — MacBook Air is made with a 100% recycled aluminium enclosure and uses less energy for a smaller carbon footprint.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    Go to Very for any of the new generation Apple stuff
  2. Avatar
    8Gb of Ram and 256gb SSD for £819...what is this.

    The cost difference between a 256 and 512 is about £50 and Apple don't make their own SSDs. I would be expecting at least 512Gb for this price.

    You apple fan boys are crazy. 8Gb ram for £819. Like why? I don't get this at all, 16Gb ram was standard back in 2017 for high priced laptops. (edited)
    Because optimisation. 8GB is actually plenty for the M1 chips running macOS. This performs better than my 16GB Intel for when I used it for video editing.

    Windows spec is not equal to macOS spec. Resources are optimised incredibly well (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Wow I paid £560 for Like New one on Amazon last year and £650ish on Elekdirect more recently. Even new I seem to remember these being around the £750 mark in some places.
    I think you’re thinking about the Curry’s trade-in deals.
  4. Avatar
    Who is voting this cold? I don’t know if this deal is good or not as I’ve not looked around but according to this hotukdeals.com/sha…950 it seems like it
    Welcome to HUKD, cold for Apple products is quite normal unless slashing 30% or 40%
  5. Avatar
    It's a good deal

    I paid more for the same spec M2 model, no regrets though as I wanted a M2

    Hot from me
    Isn't the M1 better than the m2
  6. Avatar
    i got mine off ebay, 1 month old - spotless, about £625 last year... very suprised it's still selling for this price tbh!
  7. Avatar
    Bought an M1 MBA last year. Absolutely the best laptop I've ever bought by quite a country mile. I did buy it from Very and used their intro offer - but even at this price it's great.
  8. Avatar
    What are peoples thoughts on the storage on these? Thinking of buying for a teenager but not sure if 256gb will be enough. Do I need to go for a 512gb ssd? Thanks
    Just buy a usb drive. They're a lot cheaper than the bigger internal storage option.
  9. Avatar
    I need this but with 16GB ram, I can't find with a decent price
    Try john lewis
  10. Avatar
    Nice price on a fantastic laptop. Made the switch to the Macbook last year with this model and not regretted it at all. Performance and battery life are top notch. Heat.
  11. Avatar
    It’s a good laptop for sure. FaceTime camera is pretty shoddy though, and my screen broke ridiculously easy via a minor pressure incident . 🤭
  12. Avatar
    You said it hrking 2000
  13. Avatar
    Jumped to one of these 18 months ago after decades of happily using ThinkPads at home. Fabulous laptop that works so well in so many different ways. No regrets. 
  14. Avatar
    Apple M1/M2 line, blown the laptop market. Nothing comes close. Those comparing rams and cores, you are comparing a smartphone technology to a desktop computer. Once you go mac, you don't go back, it seems to be these days. (edited)
    I did leave Mac
  15. Avatar
    Macbooks are leagues ahead in the laptop world. I have to use a Windows DELL for work and it's shockingly bad in comparison.
  16. Avatar
    Got 1 from cash converters in the box spotless for 599 but not a bad price for definitely brand new.
  17. Avatar
    Got a 2002 M2 Macbook air last week for £875. I did post details but HotUK Deals declined my post. They have told me that their rules do not allow me to post from where I purchased it. HUKD said "Unfortunately at the moment, comments from this retailer that use credit agreements in this way are temporarily not allowed on hotukdeals. We hope this will be sorted out soon."

    Just a heads up if anyone else tries to post similar replies.
    Could you share?
  18. Avatar
    Only gold version is available at that price :/
  19. Avatar
    Now I just need to sell my Macbook Air 2015
  20. Avatar
    This or xps 13 (9320).. ignoring the price diff.
    This 100%
  21. Avatar
    This is good right now considering Windows laptops and desktops are inflated.
  22. Avatar
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