Apple macbook (Unibody) 13.3" 2.00ghz for £810.57 @dixons
Apple macbook (Unibody) 13.3" 2.00ghz for £810.57 @dixons

Apple macbook (Unibody) 13.3" 2.00ghz for £810.57 @dixons

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the new 13.3" Apple macbook for £810.57 at dixons now.

using these two codes at the checkout:


isn't this cheaper on the apple website? sure its like 750/790 check it out anyway

cold - £800 on the apple website

No its not, this is the ALUMINIUM ONE.

This is £920 on the apple site.


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Its £930 on the apple site.

its only £800 from apple if you have proof you go to university and then you get the higher education discount.
its more expensive everywhere else includeing ebay.

so how can it be cold

Hot from me

my bad, dno how I managed to view the uni prices when I'm not on the uni network tho cant get that price back up. Hot deal after all I apologise

what about the 2.4 gig version... is that on offer?

Littlewoods Direct have increased cashback on Quidco to 10%, paid ex-vat so about 807.85*10%= 80.70
929-80.70 = 848.10, and there is a voucher for £30 off a £60 spend, better still use the 10% discount (upto a maximum £500 = £50), so -£50 = 798.10.

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littlewoods always have discounts, but nobody buys off them, they are useless and a **** company. they will never offer you all the discount or wont deliver the item to you.
at least you know you will get it if you buy off dixons.

also, the litttlewoods quidco probably wont even track.
littlewoods are sellng it for £949, which works out more. so its £820.....

how can you vote it cold when its the cheapest price?


now where else is this price CHEAPER and actually is £929 at the apple STORE!! the new version aluminum
led backlit display with 9400 graphics card.

not sure if i should get one.

I want the 2.4 MacBookPro I think now...deciding between that and vaio (I must have a 15" screen at least) Is the cheapest way to get that through apple with education discount? Voted this hot btw.

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yeh, higher education discount. which only applys to some universities.
but dixons comes quite close.

Ok thanks, so these codes should work on the pro too? gonna try it out just now...


Could only find 2.53 MBP @ Dixons and when I click add to basket it says product unavailable.

Thanks anyway.

Only £799 on the Apple refurb store and the chance of quidco too. Wouldn't buy from DSG unless they're giving it away

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yeh, thats a refurb, this is new.
refurbs always cost less.

whats wrong with DSG and dixons? they are cheap and deliver on time.....

This is kind of hot. It's always been this price from them so there's no rush to buy it.
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