Apple Magic Trackpad for £29 (50% off RRP) at Tesco Extra

Apple Magic Trackpad for £29 (50% off RRP) at Tesco Extra

LocalFound 8th Jun 2013
The Apple Magic Trackpad is usually £59.

At £44 from Tesco Extra in Woolwich, this is a deal for everyone that thought of buying one of these, but was put off by the price. It's a massive 25% discount on the price set by Apple.

Wasn't able to confirm whether national or just local. This is for the new Tesco Extra Store in Woolwich.

EDIT 14/06/2013 - this has been further reduced to £29.00 - a whooping 50% off Apple's RRP!

Also added: Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adaptor for Macbook Pro (£65 RRP down by 50% to £32):…665
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it's that price online too. So it's national
I saw them at this price in store yesterday too.
Been mentioned in an early post this week
Cannot see it online. Do you have the link?

Cannot see it online. Do you have the link?

Looks like they've sold out online now. But it will be national. Amazon price matched tesco, but obviously now tesco have sold out online, the price on amazon has gone back up.

They also have the wireless keyboard for £44.22. Which i believe john lewis have price matched
Just got one. One left in Leeds store
Great deal. But here come the Apple Haters.
Has been posted before.
had one sent it back ..complete pants imo
They take a while to get used to - wouldn't be without one now. Good deal
It's a good price for a new one, personally I prefer the magic mouse, which also does all the swipe gesture stuff.
Good price. I have one for my tv computer. It's easier than a mouse for that use.
RRP of £59 because it's "magic". Psstakers of the highest calibre.

Can't wait to see their iPhone 5....S this Autumn.
Man this is so unfair! After one of these right now but there's no Tesco Extras anywhere near me! Super hot!!
Picked one of these up in Wrexham last night. They had at least 2 more on the shelf.

They also had the mighty mouse reduced to £20 and a USB keyboard reduced to £30
Been after one for ages but put off by the price - got one in Cumbernauld today - HOT.
Fyi - These are still on shelves in some stores ;-) i got one tonite.
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