Apple One Day Sale - TomTom Car Kit for iPhone £78 inc P&P + maybe 4% from quidco

Apple One Day Sale - TomTom Car Kit for iPhone £78 inc P&P + maybe 4% from quidco

Found 26th Nov 2010
TomTom Car Kit for iPhone
Everywhere you go, the TomTom Car Kit gives you advanced navigation technology to lead the way on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. You also get safe and secure docking and the freedom to take calls on the move and play your favourite tunes over your car stereo.

Enhanced GPS performance
Secure docking that keeps your iPhone well in place
Hands-free calling
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Great bit of kit, I love mine.
Nice price too, down from the £100 Mark.
I agree. Really find it useful and it looks good too. Works on both iPhone 3gs and 4 - should come with an adapter for iP4 or you can get one free from TomTom.
Good price!
Wow, I don't get it....why so cold, it's a whole £21 cheaper than on the TomTom site and an obvious genuine discount.
Doesn't that make it a Hot UK Deal??
Its the Apple haters jealous coz their faildroids dont get the same special treatment......
It's a lotta money for just a "holder" when you compare it to actual complete tomtom devices, probably why most are voting it cold ... Brrrr
It's hard to please everyone.. c'est la vie
for a phone holder with nothing else its damm expensive even if its £21 cheaper ..
It's not just a holder, it has a built in GPS receiver, to enhance the GPS chip that's built into the Iphone and also a built in speaker to boost the voice commands, it also connects via bluetooth to the phone for Hands Free phone calls.

I have one that I purchased new from an ebay seller for £59 who had quite a few.
Thanks for this... I was looking for one of these
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